California Jets 2010
by Bob Violett

   The BVM 28 ft Feather-Lite trailer was loaded with 12 jets and all of the support equipment we needed and driven west by John Griffin.  Dustin, Rob Lynch, and I were delivered by American Airlines.  This investment of time and resources was well rewarded by the event hosts, the friendly California jet enthusiasts, perfect weather, and a great venue for flying jets.  Dawn till dusk was the schedule if one was inclined, and a lot of pilots were.  There were thousands of sorties logged by a 120 very competent pilots.

   Our emphasis at these major events is to reaffirm customer relations and display new and updated products.  "Displaying" means to BVM, we show them "In-Action" multiple times.

   The EVF with ThunderPower 45c LiPos, E Bandit, Skymaster Large Hawk, and 1/6th Scale F-16 were the highlights of our 2010 west coast effort.

Photo Gallery
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   Rob Lynch entertained the audience with 40 flawless flights during the show with the EVF powered Electra and some other BVM jets.  Consistent 190+ mph passes, extreme verticals, coupled with absolute precision aerobatics and every flight a minimum of 6 1/2 minutes.
runs very cool and can accept more Watts when we see the need, but for now, most electric jet customers want flight time and so Rob did an excellent job of showing what BVM offers.  Many of Rob's flights were in the 7-8 minute range.
    So, our goal to give you flight time is successful while some Brand X products struggle to attain even 3 minutes.

The "Best EDF Performance" trophy was award to Rob and his "Project Speed" Electra.


   This exceptional BVM F-100D has been around for many years and is still earning Dan Avilla and son Chad awards at western jet events.  The craftsmanship and flight presentation are superb.
   Kenny McSpadden has contributed to the popularity of the Skymaster Large Viper by showing how easy it flies and lands.  His JetCat P-160 is ideal power for this sizeable machine and this paint scheme is very visible.


   Jon Vance of Solana Beach, Ca. flew this "Lemans" scheme Ultra Bandit for his enjoyment at this 2010 event.  The "Ultra" is a perfect match to the JetCat P-200.  Jon proved that the combination is premium.
   There were six Ultra Bandit flying at Ca. Jets.  This HiViz Navy masterpiece is the work of Rafael Villeda.  A few flame-outs problems early in the event were cured when he removed a Brand X bubble trap and installed a BVM U.A.T. as per the manual.
   This customer support by the BVM team was an important part of our attendance.  Rafael went on to enjoy many successful flights.

     Rafael also flew his Bandit ARF


   Old BVM P-80 Shooting Star in Grey Ghost scheme with young at heart Col. Bob Thacker.  Both are aviation legends and both are very special to us.
   The Skymaster F-16 in "Minute Men" livery had multiple jocks at the controls at Ca. Jets.  Former Navy "Tom Cat" pilot, Paul Bageman gave his approval to how maneuverable, yet stable this bird is.  The JetCat P-160 is a perfect match.


   Here's Chad and Dan Avilla again with Chad's early vintage Bobcat.  Nice paint work!
   BVM's senior West Coast Rep. and great friend Kent Nogy is shown here just after one of his many super smooth flight demo hops on his Ultra, also P-200 powered.  Kent supports BVM's western efforts and is always available for assistance.


   BV flew this 10 year old, original prototype F-100D now with P-160 power.  Updated JR radio equipment and a little preventative maintenance keeps it going.  It was awarded the "Best Military Jet" plaque.

   During show season, Dustin Buescher gets away from his "Pro E" duties at BVM and thoroughly enjoys the events and helping our customers.  He inspects their new BVM jets and makes the first flights 100% successful.
   Here he is with the company "Ultra", Electra on EVF
10s power and the Skymaster T-45 Gosh Hawk.


   Tim Brown from Canon City, Co. put a P-60 in this super detailed Maverick and likes the results.
   RCI's Jeff Tolomeo and dad Vince are smiling because the first few flights on the Bandit ARF went perfectly.  The JetCat P-80 power is ideal.


   Dan Johnson traveled from St. George, Utah to enjoy his EVF 4010 powered Electra.  Dan appreciates the economy and convenience of the 10 cell system and the 160 mph top end is certainly sufficient.
   The BVM MiG-15 is currently being retooled for a more ARF product, but Geraldo Diaz demonstrated the fine flying attributes of this early version with many successful flights at Ca. Jets 2010.

   This Super Balsa Bandit and brilliant paint scheme are the work of Nick Robinson.  Many impressive flights were logged by Nick.  Notice the clever jet blast deflectors used at Ca. Jets.
   This Bandit ARF was flown by Doug Anderson and built by Henry Nguyen.  Smooth flowing lines and contrasting colors promote visibility.


   The E Bandit with EVF 12s power was evidence of BVM's commitment to larger E.D.F. platforms. 6+ minute flights, 160 mph passes and big loops impressed many E enthusiasts.  We flew it 9 times at Ca. Jets.
  Dan Avilla's vintage F-80 is typical of his craftsmanship. His F-100 was awarded the "Best Paint and Markings".


  Red is "in" with Scott Marr and Joey Tamez.  These Ultra Bandits were airborne constantly and performing perfect slow rolls and knife edge passes, all at a safe distance out from the flight line.


Dave Presta and Ken Falconer are the king pins of Ca. Jets.  Their selfless efforts are appreciated by all of us.  As the activity was winding down Saturday, Dave found the time to enjoy a ride on the BVM demo Ultra.

Our thanks to Sam Wright for sending these excellent photos.