The 12th Annual
Jets over Deland

We thoroughly enjoyed it, the weather was absolutely perfect - a welcomed break for many jet guys from the north and it served well as a warm-up for "The Big One", Florida Jets coming up next month.
Very few wrecks and no fires are evidence that jet modelers are maturing in their level of preparedness and flying skills. The sharing of information, experience and skills are characteristic of modelers in general. Our continued record of safe operation depends on it.

We hope you enjoy the photo coverage of the event from the BVM perspective.

Phantoms were active at J.O.D. Rob Lynch thrilled the crowd with on-the-deck 8 point rolls and worm awakening inverted passes with his RAM 1000 powered Phantom.

Tim Redelman showed a new paint job he put on Billy Harrod's F-4. The Vietnam era camo scheme on the "E" nose version is extremely attractive.

A 4th Phantom flown by Johnny Hernandez was also flying but packed away during this group photo. The Blue Angel and its fabulous smoke system now has about 70 flights on it. The AMT AT-280 engine has been perfect.
The BVM bifurcated tailpipes have been slightly beefed up from their original configuration and are enduring very well.

Illustrating the attendance at J.O.D. '01 is this view from the BVM pit area located about mid field.


Pretty girls always add to a jet event. Here, Tracy Redelman, Maria Helvacioglu, and Taylor Redelman are taking a break from their supportive efforts to keep husbands (father) Tim and Amet on the flight line.

MiG-15's were popular at J.O.D.
Jay Smullen got his brand new and perfectly built and finished model checked out and test flown by Tom Dodgen.

Larry Kramer (right) assisted Steve Heyer with another great looking Parade scheme MiG. Larry is one of the smoothest jet pilots you'll ever see and flew at least 30 times during the event.

Marc Piette is having great success with his brilliant orange MiG-15. Young Marc (15yrs old) is a very competent pilot.

BANDITS - We know they are popular at jet events and here are a few new ones you may not have seen.
Jorge Escalona from Miami, Fl was flying this great looking, RAM powered Bandit. You can see how much he likes it.
John Burdin is rightfully pleased with his Steve Jaworski built compositeBandit. Many flights during the event attests to John's flying skills and the proper preparation and servicing of the model.

Albert and Rei are showing the fine points of the new RAM auto start and ECU to Mitch Weiss.

All the way from Brazil, this superbly finished balsa Bandit was built and flown by Celso De Santi. Celso powers his balsa Bandit with a RAM 750+.

Dave Valdez - your "wing man" at BVM is enjoying the 2nd season on this BVM .91/Viojett powered Maverick Pro. The orange and white scheme was borrowed from a Navy Skyhawk.
A Rafale, viewed in the early morning light, is equipped with 3 long range tanks and missles. A twin RAM 750 plus powered system provides the umph! Antonio Tahan developed a nifty electronic device to allow individual operation of each engine during the auto-start sequence. The model belongs to the RAM team and is equipped with their new "totally modern" electronics. (The twin engine device is available through RAMicrojets.)

Best Scale Winner
We are very pleased with the acceptance of the F-100. The Deland R/C club judges picked it for the "Best Scale Turbine" award. Besides looking good in the pit area, the "Hun" is an excellent flyer and rock solid on the approach and landing. On one flight, the gear door cycler device malfunctioned so it landed early with about 6 pounds of fuel remaining. The slat and flap equipped wing handled it beautifully.

Even with the 40" long tanks slung under the wings, the top end speed of this AMT AT-280 powered jet is amazing. The thin wings and tails offer little resistance to 28 pounds of thrust. Throttle management is necessary to keep it below 200mph. Kent Nogy is working hard to ready his first production Super Sabre for Top Gun 2001, you may see it fly at Florida Jets.

Note on landing gear door controllers: We have found that the DBW device works best for cycling doors such as those on our F-100, Rafale and Sabre jet. The Jomar device works great on the F-4 Phantom and the other jets that do not feature full cycle operation of the doors.

Part numbers and pricing for gear door sequencers to be posted shortly.