2007 Fresno Jets
"In Action" photos by Joe Balabon

It’s a perfect field for jets, plenty of smooth asphalt and wide open spaces with no restrictions. Operating from the South side of the East/West runway prevents the sun from being an issue.

The contest director team of Mark Taylor and Matt West with Dave Fuscianado on the P.A. system did a phenomenal job of making everyone of the 51 pilots and guests feel welcome.  We enjoyed perfect California weather and almost endless flying.

We were pleased to see a good representation of BVM JETS at the West Coast show.

The DSM Spektrum radios were in abundance and functioning flawlessly.  They certainly are having a positive affect on these events.

Photo Gallery

Chris Setting campaigned this classic Bandit.  The “House of Colors” paint scheme was vibrant in the sky.



Dan Avila’s technique with applying the chrome Presto material is very affective as seen with these well seasoned examples.  The polished aluminum and red “Artic Schemes” on his F-100D and F-80 show well in the California sky.

 Dan’s superb craftsmanship and piloting skills are complimentary to BVM products.


Joe Balabon’s “In Action” photographic skills are evident with this series that captures Steve Unz’s “Sundowner” Phantom.

Steve and his Rhino can also be seen at Top Gun ’08.

This Phantom was flown multiple times by Chris Dellinger.

Scott Rais converted this early D/F Sabre to EVF power. The target tow Fury paint scheme is affective.  BV showed how to boost the performance even more with an add-on 2 cell pack.  See Electric Power page.


The BVM Mig 15 “In Action” is always pleasant to look at and even more so to fly.  The Jet Cat P-70 engine is a perfect match for it.


Dan Johnson’s Kingcat, like all of his models, is an exceptional example of fine craftsmanship and paint work.


This aged D/F T-33 was acquired by Scott Rowen and converted to turbine power. Scott enjoyed flying it many times at Fresno.


Ron Engstrom likes the visibility and color combination of his Bobcat.  Another “Right Size” jet for P-70 thrust. 

Kent flew his BVM T-33 with the latest EVF 5012 power system. See more about this on the Electric Power page.