The 830 + pilot registration established a record for participation in a model airplane event.  All categories of modeling were represented by the pilots, vendors, and airshow displays.  So, whatever your particular modeling interest is, you can see it In-Action at the Joe Nall and be part of a most cordial organizational effort lead by Mr. Pat Hartness.

BVM's Airshow Gallery

Shared stick time was available on the Skymaster F-15 with P-120 power.  It is truly a jet trainer for those who insist on "scale".

The latest and very reasonably priced JetCat P-80SE would be a perfect match for the Eagle.

There were a number of Ultra Bandits present.  The BVM demo version is shown here at moment of touch down.  The big flaps allow 35 mph landings.
David Ribbe "buttons up" his Ultra prior to flight.  Jeff Holsinger assists.
Matt Fehling was assisted by father Jack during many demo flights on his Electra with EVF 5212 power.  Every flight is worth watching.
Vernon Montgomery represented the BVM F-100D well.  Properly groomed grassfield are easy on jets.
The twin EVF powered F-4 was a point of interest for many electric enthusiasts.  It is evidence of the state-of-the-art.  It weighs 31 1/2 lbs with 2 EVF 5212's and ThunderPower 6500 40C batteries.
BV and Dustin showed how the new Sabre ARF with EVF power worked well from the grassfield.  5:30 flights plus taxi out and back were no strain on the ThunderPower 40C batteries.
The latest 5612 version EVF in this Camo Electra made many almost out-of-sight verticals and 200 mph passes.
BVM's contribution to the noon time airshow consisted of 7 BVM jets in the air simultaneously.  A mix of turbine and electric powered scale and sport jets exhibited the full range of what is the current State-of-the-Art.