Thanks to Joe Balabon, we have some "In Action" photos of BVM jets at the Liberty Bell event August 2008.

Note:  Oops - There were 2 identical Ultra Bandits at the Liberty Bell and we first identified the one in the photos as that of the Malchione family.  We were wrong.  It was Andy Finizio's and we should have known because Andy's pilots wore yellow helmets while Dave Malchione's pilots wore grey helmets.

Photo Gallery

Dave Malchione makes an impressive fly by with his Electra ARF powered by an EVF 6416.
A nice inverted pass by Andy Finizio with his Ultra.
This Balsa Bandit by Chris Trump is an exquisite example of craftsmanship.
Mike Pascoe's smoke assisted air show routine displays the Kingcat well.
Notice the rudder input to hold the model level for Joe to take the photo.
The Ultra in Andy Finizio's hands is all business.
Dave Sr. has this EVF powered Sabre working exceptionally well on EVO 12s 6400 batteries.  It is propelled well with a newly designed prototype inlet duct.  6 1/2 minute flights are the norm, once the pilot gains experience with the power management.
Now in its 13th year, the Malchione's "Q" F-4 still shows well.