Michigan Jets
A great success for
the Childrens Leukemia Fund
and the pilots

Behind any successful venture, there is a person who has a vision, along with the talent and drive, to make it happen.
Burt Eisenburg is the man, Michigan Jets was his vision.
What could be better than participating in what we enjoy the most and at the same time helping with the struggle against childhood leukemia. Burt knew the answer to be "not much". So, with some cooperation from the Grosse Ile Airport management and that of the city, he put together a truly significant and successful happening.
This WWII NAVY Corsair training base has been restored and serves the local civilian airplane enthusiasts. The airport authority agreed to let us use one runway, the city arranged the concession licenses and the local people, by the thousands, came to watch the model jets fly.
The weather and even the flocks of Canadian Geese yielded to our activities.
Yours truly air freighted 2 BobCats and an F-80 to Detroit and took the easy ride on Northwest Airlines.
Tim Redelman, Paul McCaulley and Burt Eisenburg provided logistic support on that end making my efforts minimal.
The real success of the event is the many thousands of dollars (over $15,000.00) raised for the charity and the smile on young Adam's face when he operated the controls of a radio controlled model jet through the JR "pilot link" system.

Thanks Burt,

Bob Violett

The noon time break offered a chance for the specators to come take a closer look at the models.

This is what the event is about - helping the Childrens Luekemia Fund, showing the kids how much fun R/C models are, and even giving them a try at the sticks with a JR pilot link setup.

David Reid and Vernon Montgomery made the trip from Mississippi to enjoy flying their Phantoms throughout the event. Shown below is David Reid's balsa Bandit with a sharp paint scheme applied.

_________________ with his Maverick????

All weekend long the BobCat was grabbing eye's, from the spectacular flights to the ingenious kit design, this is proven to be a great jet.