Mid-Atlantic Jet Rally
May 27-28, 2000

Small event - Big Facility

This year's 26 registered pilots represented record attendance for this annual Memorial weekend event.
The fact that it occurs during the holidays is probably why the attendance is low. Getting to use the Naval Auxilary Landing Facility however, adds up to maximum fun for those who make the trip.
The Malchione family combines the best of both, the girls enjoy Virginia Beach (20 minutes away) while Dave, Dave Jr., and Pete go flying.
If you are serious about jets and live within a day's drive - it's a shame to miss the opportunity to fly from a massive concrete runway with absolutely no space restrictions.
Thanks again to Frank Rega Sr. and Jr. and the Tidewater R/C club for helping us enjoy the opportunity.

Good action in the pits at Mid-Atlantic 2000. Anthony Weincek seems to be enjoying the show.


George McLean's straight fin Bandit looks good in these HiViz colors. Scheme came from a T-38 says George.

Glen Robinson is amusing his friends by using a small hand pump to service the retract system. Most use an electronic tire inflator pump. Glen did accomplish several nice flights on his year old Bandit with RAM 750 power.

Rock Solid on the approach, this MiG-15 is being landed by Dave Malchione Jr. while dad approves. Both are great pilots and reps for BVM.

Dave Jr. prepares the RAM powered Bandit for flight. His girlfriend assisted him throughout the event.

David Ribbe dug out his 10 year old Viper with BVM .91 for power. Definitely the "Hot Dog" of the show. The MiG-15 designer and BVM rep now lives in south Jersey - about 5 hrs from the event site.

Three MiG's in formation? We tried and it didn't look too bad said a few kind spectators. Two is tough, three - impossible to keep together - but a lot of fun trying.

Commanding Officer of VFA-87 (F-18's) Tom Huff enjoyed the Phantom flights with his son Zachary. Both are R/C pilots. Of course Tom's Naval air carrier keeps him very busy now. He was a prodigy of Ed Mitchell (now deceased) who was an excellent model craftsman. Tom was trained by one of our best.

Navy Auxilary Landing Field (NALF) Fentress in Chesapeake, VA is used for practicing Navy Carrier Landings at night. The Navy calls this Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP's). The L.S.O. (Landing Signal Officer) shack at the approach end of the south runway is visible just above the F-4's nose cone.
36 years ago a much younger Bob Violett (LT.jg, USNR) spent many nights in that shack learning his craft as an L.S.O. in between flights in the A-4 Skyhawks of Attack Squadron 66.
The Blue Angel Phantom with Pegasus power performed flawlessly for 5 flights during the event. This Phantom now has 31 sorties to its credit.