Mississppi Afterburner Jet Rally 2000

Tom Dodgen was kind enough to take some photos at the Mississippi Afterburner Jet Fly-In 2000 and forward them to BVM.
In case you don't know, this is one fun time with jet models and great people. Vernon Montgomery and Dennis Lott put it together annually and see to it that those who attend thoroughly enjoy themselves.
A few newly finished BVM jets made their first outing at Miss. so we will feature them first.

Great looking Bandit - great photo.

This model was built by Tom Dodgen for Rick Yelverton - both Rick & son Lee got some stick time on it at the event.

Another father/son team enjoyed the event. Hicks Milner and son Lanier flew this Bill Harris built Maverick multiple times. Good paint scheme for a cloudy day.

Orange and white with military markings also look great on this composite Bandit "V" by Bill Hanson from Fenton, Missouri. Notice the effect of graphics spanning the two colors - paint scheme was borrowed from a Fury. Bill appears quite pleased with his jet.

Vernon Montgomery's Bandit with RAM 750 power also received a Hi Viz military scheme.

Rob Lynch executes his famous low altitude knife-edge with his RAM powered BVM Sabre jet - cool thumbs!
The RAM 750 is turned way down in power so as not to overstress the airframe that was originally designed for Ducted Fan power. The conversion is not a BVM product because we are concerned about the safety issue. Only very experienced modelers like Rob can handle such a project.

You see the top hatches off the models a lot because most pilots charge every two or three flights; many use the Graupner Ultra Duo Plus II charger. It is the best because it lets you really know your batteries.
This yellow Bandit belongs to Hicks Milner. Paint scheme borrowed from an Ultra Viper that resides in the BVM showroom.

Sam Snyder must be enumerating the many fine points of his MiG-15 to Don Reger and son.

The nose cone of the BVM Phantom F-4E removes with just one screw providing convenient access to charge both the receiver and engine pump batteries. Billy Harrod exercised the RAM 1000 powered "Rhino" in Missouri National Guard markings several times during the event.

Tom Dodgen's venerable Ultra Viper has been around for years and still looks great. The winglets are Tom's personal signature to this BVM .91/Viojett powered speedster.
JR 10X radios are very popular with jet pilots. Lot's of nice programming features, great new metal gear digital servos and a full 10 channels.