E-Jets Ocala Florida
17 December 2010

  The Ocala Club have a beautiful facility, and, we have enjoyed perfect weather for the 4th year in a row, so we
showed up in force.

L-R: Dustin Buescher, Jack Fetter, Eric Meyers, Pablo Fernandez, Harley Condra, Bob Fiorenze, and Bob Violett

  This happy bunch of BVM guys flew all of these BVM EJets multiple times during the one day show.  One scratched nose cone was the only imperfection.  The EVF's and ThunderPower batteries were flawless in operation.
  Eric Meyers from Greenville, S.C. got a few rides on a BVM Electra with EVF ~2~ 12s / ThunderPower propulsion.  Eric is a great pilot and enjoyed this EJet experience.
  Certainly the best scale jet in the air was this EVF BVM Sabre in Flite Metal Finish by Brian Watts.  Curtis Switzer provided the piloting skills.
Bob Fiorenze's 4 year old Electra kit still looks and performs great.  It is powered with an early EVF 5012 now operating on (2) 45c 4s 6500mAh Saddle Cells and (1) 45c 2s 6500mAh booster ThunderPower batteries.

This 10 cell combo works well.  Bob made no changes to the E.S.C. setting except to reset the cut off voltage to 30 v.

  Gary Freeman kept our charging station humming but still manage to fly his new Habu.

  Buescher babies and puppies help make this a family event.

  Some club old farts always feel obligated to fuss about the pups.  You would think after 4 years they could accommodate.