Heart of Ohio
Jet Scramble

Totally organized - Totally successful

The success of this event reflects the organizational efforts of Terry & Sheila Nitsch, Bill Midgley and the "TORKS" radio control club. It gets bigger and better every year.
There was a nice mix of ducted fan and turbine powered jets, about 50/50, signaling the resilience of the D.F. as a practical way to enjoy jet modeling. Three full days of chamber of commerce weather allowed several hundred flights to be logged with very few mishaps.
From BVM's point of view the "balsa Bandit" and the Phantom were the highlights of our display.
BV flew the VIOFAN powered version concentrating on showing the extreme slow flight and stable landing capabilities of this lightly loaded

Dave Ribbe with his balsa Bandit
The Malchione's

sport jet while David Ribbe won the "Top Gun" award for his spectacular aerial displays of the turbine powered version.
David's high speed, high "G" exercise of the balsa Bandit laid to rest any concerns some might have had about the strength of the built-up balsa wings and tails. Strategic use of carbon fiber and good design renders this slightly larger wing just as strong as our all composite molded version.
Fighter cover or CAP (Combat Air Patrol) was provided by four BVM Phantoms. The Malchione family kept the 350 plus flight twin VIOFAN powered F-4 in the air for about a dozen sorties with young David at the controls most of the time. Craig Gottschang garnered the "Best Scale Turbine" award with his recently converted AMT At-280 powered "E" nose Rhino.
Billy Harrod demonstrated his RAM 1000 powered "Phabulous Phantom" and BV flew the Blue Angel twice daily.
Tom Dodgen, who just recently joined the BV factory team, was very instrumental in the success and frequency of our team's flying efforts. He is a great pilot and a great technician - we are very proud to have Tom on board.

Tom Dodgen flying, David Ribbe calling - these BVM demo pilots really were busy on the flightline.

Ben Burden with his Agg III

Ben Burden from Lima, Ohio has been flying jets for 3 years. He says that this Aggressor III is his first BVM Jet and that he is very pleased with how it is built and flys. BVM is very pleased to see such great craftsmanship and flying skills applied to our products - keep up the good work Ben.

Nice paint work!

Anthony Weincek used the new and very expensive "chrome illusion" paint to decorate his Maverick Pro. The scheme celebrates 50 years of NASCAR racing and the intricate badge on the wing is all done with paint. The BVM .96 powered racer was in the air several times each day of the Ohio Jet Scramble.

Craig Gottschang flew many sorties with his AMT AT-280 powered Phantom. Craig is the first customer to install the new BVM twin nozzle tailpipe.

The man behind the Ohio Jet Scramble #10 could be seen everywhere on the field making sure that every detail of the event was properly attended to. Terry did find a few minutes though to pose with his Top Gun and NAT's winning Rafale. The majestic twin AMT powered jet will next be seen at Superman - try not to miss it.