Toledo 2000
BVM's participation

The Toledo show is undoubtedly the longest running R/C model gathering in our hobby's history. For 46 years modelers have traveled there to see "what's new" and many manufacturers have scurried to be able to show their soon-to-be-released, new products.

BVM F-100DThis particular manufacturer pulled a few all nighters to present the F-100D Super Sabre with a discernable paint scheme and functional leading edge slats.

There were a lot of jet enthusiasts who really liked the "Hun" and the many features of the BVM model, they said it was the talk of the show from a jet prospective.

Ad Clark, our rep from Kalispell, MT prepared a 1hr 47min Florida Jets flying video featuring the Blue Angel F-4, Rafale, MiG-15, T-33 and Bandit. The TV monitor occupied the corner of our booth and entertained a lot of show visitors with extensive footage filmed at Florida Jets 2000. This video is all flying and musically scored and is available for $15.00 (click here to order)

The most popular question from modelers at the show who are considering jets is "will they work off a grass field?" - and the answer is, BVM Jets do and we prove it every year at "Top Gun" and other Florida grass fields.

The static display models that are presented at show center in the many categories of competition are a big highlight of the Toledo show. These superb accomplishments in engineering and craftsmanship are an inspiration to all who attend.

The Jet category was dominated by the 1/10th scale Concord by Jim Wiegle of AMT U.S.A. At 21ft long and over 200 Lbs with (4) Olympus engines for power, it was the showstopper!

Three of the four BVM jets entered in the static competition will also be flown at "Top Gun" in West Palm Beach, Florida April 26-30th. Click here for more info.

Steve Gabrys MiG-15 and Tommy Wood's F-4 (RAM turbine powered) have lots of flights on them already while Terry Nitsch's Rafale is brand new.

Terry added the huge wing tanks to the B-O1 and they really contribute to the presence of this already sizable jet powered by twin AMT USA Mercury Turbines.

The wing tanks and a few other scale details that Terry and Geoff Combs cooked up will be available from BVM very soon.

We introduced a few new workshop items at the booth (see show special leftovers). The most popular was the pack of 5 carbide cutters for your Dremel tool. It took only one demo cut through plywood or a composite sheet to convince modelers these were "must have" tools for their shop.
We also introduced a new lubricant for the BVM wheel bushings. This Permatex product contains teflon and is in a convenient size package for your field box. (Click here).
All in all it was a good show for BVM, this once a year, non-flying event gives our staff the opportunity to spend some time with many jet modelers.
We prefer the flying shows because you get to see our products in action and compare. A little talk and a lot of actual flying is BVM's preferred method of promotion.

See you at the jet events,
Bob Violett

For those unable to attend, here are a few shots of our booth.

Dave Valdez stands behind the BVM display of wheels/brakes, struts, retracts, and other accessories.

Demonstrations happened every few minutes showing the latest BVM tools that every modeler can use. Carbide Cutters, Heat Shield, Aeropoxy, and Perma-Grit tools were being tested all weekend long.