Bardstown, Kentucky
August 13-15, 2004
by Bob Violett

Known for being the home of composer Steven Foster's "Old Kentucky Home" and good bourbon, Bardstown can now add to its list of acknowledgments, the home of an annual R/C Jet gathering.
This small and very friendly town, just south of Louisville with its 75' x 4,000' runway offered a perfect venue for jet enthusiasts to enjoy their sport.
Approximately 1,500 spectators were thrilled with the authentic sound and performance of our model jets and want to see us again next year.
Organizer Frank Tiano and Top Gun show announcer Sam Wright contrived a few entertaining skits to keep the people and children keenly interested.

Photo Gallery
We might call this one by Jerry Caudle the Dura-Cat because its paint scheme is certainly influenced by the popular copper top battery products. Jerry's JetCat P-120 "Mona Lisa" experienced its maiden flight at Bardstown. It was perfect in all respects.
Tom Dodgen and Kemp Gallineau have developed a very impressive duo act with their identical Stars & Bars KingCats.

The BVM pit area on the generous size taxi way is similar to that at Superman.


Sam Wright is an airshow announcer and adds an important degree of professionalism to an F.T.E. event. A pleasant voice and just the right amount of correct information adds to the show.


Grandstands for viewing and a pavilion to enjoy ones' view, food and drink made the spectators more comfortable.


Here's Frank taking a well deserved break at the end of the event.

The all new, all composite ARF BobCat was first shown at Bardstown. It is a perfect match for the JetCat P-60, P-70 or similar 11#-17# thrust engines.

Jonathan Smith from England got a test drive on the new BobCat. He has good things to say about it. We will post more on this soon.

Another startling paint scheme from Rod Snyder is this "Spider Man" themed KingCat. It's maiden flight and several more were 100% successful.
James Moody (from Atlanta, GA) re-rigged his KingCat at the show with the "crow" setup and sincerely appreciated how it improved his landings.
This crew is happy because they just completed the first flight on this Pegasus powered Super Bandit. Jess Hogan (left) built and painted the Super for Dave Bloomer (center) and BVM's test pilot Tom Dodgen (right) did the honors.
Dustin Buescher has mastered his KingCat airshow presentation. His Cat is equipped with a "TAM" smoke system, a Paul Hopkins lighting system, a JetCat P-160 and is guided by a JR 10X radio.
On-the-deck knife edge flight coupled with extreme snaps, huge loops and tantilizing slow flight kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. Dustin logged over 20 flights in 2-1/2 days of activity on his KingCat, F-86, and BV's Blue Angel F-4.