2007 Big Apple Jet Rally
by Vinny Caratozzolo

This year's 47 registered pilots was a record attendance for the event. It was held at the historic Floyd Bennett Field Brooklyn, NY. Flyers came from NY,NJ,CT,MD,MA,PA for the event.

Walt Larson of PA flew his Kingcat with his flying buddy Chuck Smalfus. Walt used to fly 767s over Floyd Bennett Field all the time on approach to JFK.

Mike Casey and I would like to thank all the pilots who came to the 15th Big Apple Jet Rally. There were a lot of new faces this year and we would like to thank BVM for their support during the last 4 years.

Photo Gallery
(photo's by Vinny Caratozzolo)

Domenic Mirabello came from Peabody, MA to fly his Bobcat. Dom is one of the nicest guys around and he attends most of the northeast jet rally's.



Andy Finizio was a first time flyer at FBF flying his Kingcat. He came from Maryland, won Best Sport Jet and he was flying all weekend.

Adil Nasim flew his BVM Bandit he also won the CD Top Gun award.

Mark Gimmuli

Len McIntosh

Mark Gimmuli flew his Bandit with Len McIntosh who flew his Bobcat and T-33. Len won the Sportsman Award and both are F-Troopers (guys who fly at FBF all the time) along with Marlen Bresler (not pictured) with his Kingcat.
Wojtek Iwancyzk shows off his colorful BobCat Composite.

Eric Baugher flew his "Classic" Bandit throughout the event.