Before the Heat Jet-Together
Lake Wales, FL

June 6-8, 2003

John Burdin and Steve Jaworski's concept of a small, low key jet-together at the Lake Wales, FL. airport proved to be a great idea. It was so attractive that even a few out-of-state jet pilots joined about 45 Floridians to enjoy our hobby at this super facility.
It wasn't even hot (by Florida standards) and we were treated to a brief cool down thunderstorm in the afternoons.
The photos describe some of the BVM activity.

Jet Relations

Mitch and Mike Weiss
Mike Weiss (right) got his first turbine pilot link time on Dad's (Mitch) BobCat XL. The hook is firmly set, so we can count on seeing Mike at many more events.

Shani Studnik and his BobCat
Dr. Shani Studnik flies this colorful BobCat while brother Ofek enjoys his Bandit. If the Bandit scheme looks familiar, that's because it is a copy of the one Rob Lynch built a few years ago.
Ofek Studnik with his Bandit

Lacy, Francis and Natalee Pischner
They don't get any prettier than this. Lacy and Natalee Pischner joined their dad Francis at the Before the Heat event for some great family fun. Oh yes! The BobCat XL is new and also beautiful - another product of Vern Kramer's modeling efforts.


Dee Miller
Dee Miller has been successfully flying his RAM 500 powered BobCat for about a year and seems to be enjoying it.

John Banner's Skyblazer
John Banner's brand new Skyblazer Sabre really glistens in the sun with its Metal-Kote finish. This is a great effort by John, and as usual, the first flight was a success - hundreds more should be easy and even more fun.