Boli Muentes is now the proud owner of Bob Violett's personal eBandit.  Boli is very happy with the eBandit and says "I can not believe how wonderful it flies!"



Hi Patty,

Please welcome Steve Colerick to the BVM family. His maiden was perfect today on his E Bandit. Dolly approves also!!

David Warr


George Kreyling from Fountain Hill, Arizona with his eBandit.  This was one of the 1st eBandit's produced and it now has 600+ flights.  The eBandit is powered by a EVF 12S system with 7-1/2 minute flights.


From: Rod Snyder
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 9:46 AM
To: Patty
Subject: eBandit

Patty,  here is my newest eBandit picture taken at Fl. jets.  I flew it all week in a steady crosswind with no problem landing.  Enjoyed the ability to keep up with and overtake some turbine powered models.  I am able to fly for 8 minutes with plenty of power left for go-arounds.  Wow, what a great aircraft!  I look forward to future electric aircraft development.

Editors Notes: The plug-in winglets were developed by Tommy Wood.

Look for more coverage of BVM Jets at Red Flag and Florida Jets 2016.

Wiley Brown from Houston, Texas combined a business trip to Central Florida with a visit to BVM during the Labor Day weekend of 2015. The timing was just right for a tour of BVM's manufacturing facilities and to schedule a trip to "The Ranch" for some jet flying. Wiley flies multiple BVM jets along with BVM Rep. Kirk Jensen and a very active jet group in Houston. The flying session consisted of numerous Florida jets guys and BV doing some "Red Flag" practice with the EVF 16S powered eBandit. Wiley assisted BV with calling and critiquing the maneuvers.

See also Red Flag:  www.franktiano.com

From: David Soufer
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 5:49 PM
To: Patty Generali
Cc: Bob Violett
Subject: eBandit with 16S ==> AWESOME

Dear Patty and Bob,

Yesterday I flew my eBandit with the new 16S motor with 9er fan, after replacing the 14S motor…  To sum up my experience in one word,  it was  “AMAZING”…  

You know I have several Bandit MKII and they all have 140 size turbines…  I can easily say that this eBandit with the new 16S motor had the same performance if not better.  The vertical climbs are limitless. I had 4 flights and with smart throttle management you can easily achieve 6 to 7 minute flights on 7700 mah batteries…  

Thank you for producing such an amazing powerplant.  This has absolutely brought new life to my eBandit..

David Soufer



Enrico Traby put on quite a show at the Schwandorf, Germany meet with his BVM EBandit. He flies a 7-1/2 minute routine that includes a "down and dirty" inverted pass. Rico says "This is the most fun and enjoyable jet I have ever had"!. Currently on EVF 12S 9er power, it will soon be even more fun with the latest EVF 16S.

From: Steven DiMaio
To: Bob Violett
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2015 12:20 AM
Subject: eBandit


I was able to get a rare day off during the week today and was able to take advantage of the flying field that's on Beale AFB. The eBandit is perfect for a few quick flights not requiring any charging equipment when you come with 3 or 4 sets of charged packs.

From: David Soufer
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 9:07 PM

Dear Patty;

Attached are the pictures of my new eBandit.  Greg Fullington did a fantastic job putting it together and making it ready for bind and fly.  It took him 5 weeks to make the eBandit ready to fly.  I did the maiden flight last week and it only needed three clicks of up elevator.  Including the flights yesterday I have now 5 flights on it. 

As you know I have had 3 regular bandits and 3 super bandits ( currently 1 regular and 1 super) and now the eBandit joins the fleet.  I have enjoyed every single BV jet in my fleet and the eBandit is no different. 

Thanks for all your help
David Soufer
Sent via OWA on Exchange 2010

From: Jon Stotz
Patty Generali
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 8:18 AM
E bandit

 Good morning Patty I just wanted to let everybody know how great the eBandit flew. Tim Redelman did the initial check over and first flight, two clicks of up trim and it was flying perfect. Thanks for producing top of the line airplanes and products, everything just works.Thanks for having reps like Tim, all of us in the area would not be doing what we are without his endless help. Happy flying

Jon Stotz


From: Reinol Gonzalez
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 2:27 PM
Subject: Hello Patty

Hi Patty,

  Here are a few shots of me with my Bandit.  After a 6 year hiatus my passion for this hobby is back thanks to the amazing products BVM produces!!!!!!

  When I decided to get back in the air there was only one choice in my mind and that was the new BVM E Bandit.  I could not ask for a better package.  I picked the kit up from you on a Friday and I completed it 30 hours later.  It was a wonderful experience.  It went together like it should with no hiccups.  I am really looking forward to getting the new MiG 15 and probably an F4 - all EVF 12S powered.

  Thanks again for all the help and see you at Fl Jets, need to go fly now!!

Rei Gonzalez

Thank you Jack Fetter for this video!

http://www.flylowandfast.com/Files/Video/eBandit/eBandit 2 (High_L).wmv