Florida International Jet Rally

November 2-4, 2001

About 60 pilots defied the weather guessers and showed up anyway. The forecasts of gloom and doom from the sky just did not materialize.
Sure, we had some crosswind, but a lot of pilots got there flights in early each morning before the wind speed peaked to a very challenging level.
The huge runway, with no runway lights, allowed for operations to continue despite the 20mph crosswind. Landing under these conditions requires a few adjustments to the model such as reduced landing flap settings and increased aileron rate to handle a surprise gust, and extreme concentration and determination by the pilot to keep the model on centerline.

Good training - Great event!

The CD's of FIJR
John Burdin and Steve Jaworski are the enthusiastic jet guys who make Florida International Jets happen. Special arrangements with the Lake Wales city and airport management people allow use the north/south runway for this event.
John flies this RAM powered balsa Bandit, one of several built by Steve.

Torrey and Jason
JetCat USA was well represented by Californians Torrey Ward and Jason Sommes. They flew thirty plus flights each on the BobCat and balsa Bandit with P-120's for power - most of the time in a formation routine that is the best you will see.
Torrey and Jason were also available to demonstrate the JetCat products to prospective customers.
Young and enthusiastic Greg Murphy got some thrills with the JR pilot link system on both a BobCat and the Bandit. At 15, Greg is a very smooth jet pilot (sorry I missed the photo op - BV).

Nick Smith's P-120 Bandit
The International element of the event was well represented by the "Smith Guys" (not related) from England. Jonathan (left) and Nick had a great time at the event with Nick's balsa Bandit.
Our "iffy" weather looked great to them, so as you can see from the fading light, they enjoyed the opportunity to fly from dawn to dusk.
The Jet Case transport of some BVM jets (Bandit, MiG-15, F-100) make them popular with those who travel by air.

Todd Scott and his Fury
Todd Scott did a superb job flying this BVM .91/Viojett powered Fury. Not touted as a great crosswind machine, Todd never scratched a wingtip.
The BVM Sabre jet kit is being updated for future re-release as both a turbine and fan powered model.

Roby Lynch
Some real trick aerobatic flying with this RAM powered balsa Bandit won Rob Lynch the Pilot's Choice award. The very graphic and contrasting paint scheme showed well against a predominately cloudy sky.

Gordon Dickens P-80 powered F-16
Always contributing to the fun and activities at many jet events, Gordon Dickens also enjoys the innovative aspects of turbine jet modeling.
This BVM F-16N in the Marine Aggressor paint scheme is powered with a JetCat P-80 for some very positive performance.
Now that BVM has a turbine conversion for the F-16, Gordon thinks that some of the new parts will make P-80 installation a lot easier.

The BVM factory jets
Some of the BVM factory models are shown here in the pit area. Several still remain in the trailer because of intermittent light rain showers.
The F-100's and the F-4 are both heavily loaded and super powerful jets that handled the crosswinds well.

All RAM 500 powered
These 3 early DF powered BVM jets have been converted to use the RAM 500 turbine. BVM has these conversions and one for the T-33 all in kit form.
Precision parts and plans make the conversions easy to accomplish, and of course, all have been flight tested.