Florida International Jet Rally
9th Annual

November 1-3, 2002

2 pages of coverage

Clear skies, mild temperatures and a 5-10 mph breeze down the runway allowed all 67 registered pilots to thoroughly enjoy their hobby.
Lake Wales is a small city in south central Florida with a great little airport that primarily supports sky diving activities, light plane and ultra-lite flying. Contest Directors, John Burdin and Steve Jaworski made special arrangements with the city mayor and airport management to host the yearly rally in early November. The relaxed nature of this gathering has made it a favorite for many jet modelers.
We are all very pleased that a sizeable group of jet enthusiasts from Great Britain has made the event one of their favorites as well.

Photo Gallery

The Brit's like and fly a lot of BVM Jets. Here Nick, Jeff, Jonathan, Donny, Jason, Mark, and Colin seem to approve of the great runway at Lake Wales and their Bob Cat and Bandits.

Mark Woodland (England) is now the 3rd owner of BV's original Bandit. The Jet Case transportability of BVM Jets makes them popular with international traveling jet enthusiasts.

Jason Fletcher (England) converted an early Maverick to Wren 54 power and is very pleased with the results. He took home a Super Bandit kit and Jet Case, intending to return with it in early March for Florida Jets '03.

Pretty girls and jets do mix. Jason Somes assisted Laura Houselander with some pilot link time on the BVM Bob Cat. She flies jets in England. JetCat representative, Jason Somes, flew in from California to help us fly the P-80 powered Sabre and the P-120 powered Bob Cat XL.

Jonathan and Jo Smith are frequent Florida visitors with their BVM Jets. This time they enjoyed the perfect weather with a new Bob Cat and a new Super Bandit. Sunshine, mild temperatures, and jet flying are rare in England in November. We are happy to share our fortunate conditions with our friends from abroad.

Bob Covish traveled from Elgin, Texas to enjoy the event with his JetCat powered Bob Cat.

David Carter likes black jets. The Super Bandit and Bob Cat XL are shining examples.

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