We are very fortunate to have the use of the Lake Wales, Florida airport to enjoy our sport.  John Burdin pioneered this event 14 years ago and its important to jet modelers and industry has continued to gain favor.

Four days of Florida sunshine in November is a real treat for the British contingent and this year, a large group of modelers from Venezuela added to the international flavor of the event.

It was windy for a few days but most jet modelers now have the skills to handle it.

Speaking for BVM, we had a great time and look forward to John's 15th effort.

By Bob Violett

Photo Gallery

BV is showing John Banner how to "Break-in" his new EVO Battery packs prior to the first flight on this gorgeous green camo Electra Jet. 

The paint scheme on the bottom signals HiViz and action.

Electra Jet pilots Bob Fiorenze, Bob Violett and John Banner enjoyed their Electric Viofan powered models at FIJR.



This is the latest KingCat paint scheme and owner Robert Rich really enjoyed flying it.

At 15, he is a very proficient pilot tutored by Rob Lynch.


This Mig-15 is one of the original built-up wing versions powered by a JetCat P-120 and is a very high performance  machine.  Marco Mascia flew it dozens of times even during the very strong cross winds on Thursday and Friday.  Marco deservingly received an award for his expert piloting and perseverance.
Rob Lynch - the "Top Gun" of the event, showed his skills with BV's Ultra Bandit, now in its 3rd year.  Rob flew several BVM Jets at FIJR '07.  He is one of the most sought after test pilots at any event.


Jeff Prosise earned his jet waiver qualification with this JetCat P-60 powered Bobcat under the tutorial of Dustin Buesher.

He installed a new JR DSM 9303X Spektrum during the event to maximize his opportunities to fly.

Mark Woodland, Anna and Nick Smith attend the FIJR event every year as do about a dozen other Brits.  The weather, convenient airline arrangements and friendships have made their attendance mandatory, and we are so glad of that.


Stephen Prideaux brought his superbly crafted and painted BVM Super Bandit back for a 2nd FIJR appearance. The strong cross wind did not deter Steve, he flew this beauty regardless and was awarded for it.  It deserves close inspection as does his superior piloting skills.

Bobcats were in abundance at this event and this one flown by Jason Fletcher was airborne almost all of the time.

Here's another perfect example operated by the Kramer group of Vern, Cathy and Larry.

Phillip Weikert earned his jet wings with his Mercury (Netherlands) powered Bandit ARF. 

Instructor pilot Dustin Buescher signed him off.

Dr. Ernesto Dala from Honduras is thrilled with his Bobcat that Rob Lynch logged the first flights on at FIJR.  John Burdin assembled the "Cat" and has good things to say about the process.

We look forward to Dr. "D" 's return next FIJR.