Green Mountain Jet Rally
Middlebury, Vermont
July 10-11, 2004
by Ray Labonte

With 35 registered pilots and 100 jet models, the Green Mountain Jet Rally was a great success. The weather turned out to be perfect with little to no wind and sunny skies, allowing the pilots to log many flights throughout the weekend.
A 2,500' long runway (without lights) provided ample room for everyone to get a smooth landing and overnight model storage was provided by use of a fullsize hangar on site.
Special thanks to BVM dealer Ray Labonte (Ray & Robins Hobby Center) for the event coverage.

Photo Gallery
Chris Trump and Marc Brady traveled in style from Canada with this Aggressor III and balsa Super Bandit along with a KingCat and F-15, all in one Mini-Van. I offered to free up some space and bring one of them home with me which I would return to him at the Maine Jet Rally. Somehow, he managed to get all four back into his van. I think he's heard about my flying skills and felt a cramped ride home maybe safer.
Tom Puma is the CD of the Green Mountain Jet Rally and very proud owner of this KingCat painted by Leonard Smart. Not quite flight ready for his own event, he should have it flying very soon. Tom: "Thanks for the great weekend."

Adil Nasim traveled from New Jersey with this "Red Hot" Balsa Bandit which he flew often.


James Baker flies the Green Mountain Ridge with his Bobcat while Dave Skillings acts as safety spotter.

James is using a JetCat P-120 to power his BobCat XL.


The balsa Super Bandit built by Chris Trump is an outstanding example of true craftsmanship. A professional painter by trade is his practice for a finish you would not beleive. Every paint line and rivet was perfectly placed.

Another example of Chris's work shows here on his KingCat. Chris shared this beauty with Marc Brady, it was flown often during the weekend by both of them.


Scott Foster with his hometown KingCat. The Green Mountain Jet Rally is held virtually in Scott's backyard (Middlebury, VT).

Mark Giummule traveled with Len McIntosh from New Jersey to fly their X-31 balsa Bandit and Navy Bobcat.
Dominic Mirrabelo is the proud owner of a soon to be flown KingCat and wanted to get in on the Green Mountain Action. Here he is with Ray Labonte's Super Bandit which he bought for a $1.00 so he could get his picture taken. He sold the airplane back to Ray for $5.00 after this photo.
Ron Lepre flew several flights with his Black Aggressor II.
Leonard Smart is the creative genius behind the paint scheme on Tom Puma's KingCat as well as this very colorful Bobcat. Some of the paint may have spilt on his shorts!