Winamac, IN

June 27-29, 2003

When jet enthusiasts drive 20 plus hours to a small town called Winamac, Indiana, something very special must be going on there. The Kramer/Pischner group, Mitch Weiss and the BVM guys (and dogs) do it every year and this year, the Mississippi Gang joined the fun. The event draws people from Minnesota, Canada, Illinois, Tennessee, New Jersey and Frankie Mirandes flew in from Puerto Rico.
The recipe for a such a successful event includes one of the best model fields in the USA, a club that likes jets and works hard to make us feel welcome, the long days / short nights of summertime Midwestern USA, the leadership of Tim and Tracy Redelman and the generous sponsorship of Ralph Braun.
With 70 pilots in attendance, the transmitter impound was busy and accurate. We flew as much as we wanted during the 12+ hour long days.

Photo Gallery

Frank Pulte #3 has learned well from Dad #2. Grandpa Pulte started this jet family thing many years ago. Great piloting skills are in #3's genes and it shows.

Dads that provide a college education and jets know the value of both for future engineer Dustin Beuscher - thanks Dick. House of Kolor paints were used to enhance this attractive scheme on Dustin's BobCat with JetCat power.

The awesome Phantoms of Tim and David are shown here seconds before brake release. Their flight together thrilled the crowd. If our quest is "realism", it doesn't get much better than this. The 800 ft. by 50 ft., perfectly smooth asphalt runway is every jet modeler's dream field.

Monica and David Ribbe debuted a new, very nicely finished BobCat XL with P-120 power, David says it's dialed-in now and ready for the flying season - super paint scheme.

Jeff Seymour chose a BobCat to promote his SWB Mamba engine - now with electric start.

Ducted fan jets were popular at Winamac. Here, Francis shows how proud he is of his Viojett/BVM .91 powered Aggressor - now many years old.

Tim passed this well worn Bandit on to John Stotz who has to be voted the "most improved pilot" from the '02 to '03 event at Winamac.

All the way from Puerto Rico, Frankie Mirandes is a regular attendee at Winamac. Once you have made the trip, it's hard to not revisit. His new MiG-15 (built by Tim Redelman) enjoyed successful first flights on JetCat P-120 power.

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