June 25-27, 2004

Sponsored by the Winamac Aeromodelers

It's an eleven hundred mile trek for this group of Floridians, but always worth the effort. The Kramer/Pischner group travels even further from south Florida while Jack Diaz comes from Venezuela and Frankie Mirandez from Puerto Rico.
There must be something magical about this tiny town in northern Indiana, and there is. The hospitality of Ralf Braun, Tim Redelman and the W.A.M. club along with what has to be one of the absolute best R/C model fields in the USA, combine to make a jet weekend that many of us just don't want to miss.
A night-time "Balloon Glow" and an elaborate fireworks display are just a few examples of what is unique about this event.
With the sun to our backs, the Midwestern summer evenings offered perfect flying conditions, so many of us flew until dark. Then we travel to Culver, IN, another small town, that has no less than 4 great restaurants to serve this hungry crew.
The seventy-four registered jet pilots all agree that Jets over the Heartland is a very special happening and look forward to the '05 gathering.

Bob Violett

Photo Gallery
A "Scale Hour" has become popular at some jet events. BVM Jets and their pilots were a major factor in the Heartland noontime airshow. Pilots from left to right: Frankie Mirandez, David Reid, Bob Violett, Tony Masiello, Scott Harris, Jack Diaz and Tim Redelman.
David Ribbe showed us some hot aerobatics with his very attractive BobCat with P-120 power and JR radio.

Dustin Buescher joined BVM as an intern during his 2nd semester, 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering courses. This experience was of great value for both Dustin and BVM.
His piloting skills now match his engineering talents as displayed with his P-160 powered KingCat with a Paul Hopkins (407-654-1133) lighting system.


This Maverick started life as a Viojett powered ride built and painted at BVM for Eric Meyers many years ago.
Recently, Wayne McCosker utilized a Gary Mueller conversion to adapt it to RAM 500 power.


One of the first Bandits ever produced (1995) is still enjoyed by Jack Diaz. Originally powered with a JPX, then a RAM 750, it now zips along on a JetCat P-120 - too many flights to keep track. The sharp paint scheme was designed by son, Geraldo Diaz.


Tony Masiello's F-4 is racking up the flights at several events in '04 and his flying skills reflect the experience. BVM welcomes Tony as our newest in-the-field Representative. He has built and flown many BVM jets and can be of assistance in the Maryland area.

David Reid added Paul Hopkins lights to his high flight time KingCat. David won the "Big Pickle" award for most accurate bomb delivery. (see BVM Bombs)
Tony Masiello's Skyblazer F-86 with JetCat P-80 power.
Scott Harris's Metal-Kote'd Mercury powered Sabre flew many times.
This JetCat P-120 powered MiG-15 really performs in the hands of Frankie Mirandez. Lots of flights and rock solid approaches and landings were observed.
The north end of the spacious concrete taxiway was used for staging some BVM jets. The south end was equipped with very sturdy and effective jet blast deflectors for start-up.
Now in its 4th year of service, this twin JetCat powered Rafale by Jack Diaz is a very high performance machine.
Taking a break from the activities are Larry Kramer, Tim Redelman, Jeff Anderson, and Robin.
Lee Reightler came from Maryland to enjoy flying his Mercury powered BobCat.
David Plaine, also from Maryland, was assisted on first flights of this Mercury powered BVM Sabre by Tom Dodgen. David went on to doing a great job of piloting it himself.
  Here's Francis Pischner's after one of dozens of flights on his AMT thrusted Bandit.
This "NAVY" KingCat is proudly owned and flown by Wayne McCosker from St Louis, Missouri.
John Stotlz says he will add some graphics to complete his custom painted KingCat when he gets the time. Time is now spent flying it and he does a superb job of that.
The balloons launched for an early evening flight then returned for the "Balloon Glow" show after dark.
Gary Jefferson chose the very visible orange, blue and white KingCat scheme, added the clear canopy and cockpit option and powered it with a JetCat P-120. He has since added the Fiorenze Airspeed Indicator System after seeing BV demo it at the event.
Jeff Anderson came from close by Chicago area to fly his KingCat. Jeff had some good news about a new jet suitable flying field that is being developed in his area.
The 1950's "Artic Scheme" makes a highly visible model out of this T-33. The JetCat P-70 engine is a perfect power match for this 79" airframe. The new A.F.S. (Advanced Fabrication System) kits are half the work of the originals to construct and gear up, and feature stronger undercarraige units and mounting. Click here for more info.
A low altitude 8-point roll is one of my favorite maneuvers with the 4-year old F-100D. This was the first model out of the production molds that now has over 200 flights with very little maintenance over the years. Now powered with a JetCat P-120, 10 minute flights are the norm and the performance is impressive.