by Bob Violett

Jet events seem to develop a theme and a character as they evolve over the years. After 10 years, Jets Over the Heartland is known for its dawn-to-dusk open jet flying with very few interruptions and restrictions.
Ralf Braun sponsors an evening of "Independance Day" fireworks and an entertaining balloon show.
Our talented C.D. Tim Redelman, breathes character into the event ensuring that all participants have a fun and safe time.
It is a family affair for many and total enjoyment of our sport for all who attend.
The BVM group is thankful and happy to be part of it.


Photo Gallery

Scott Booth from Davenport, Iowa likes to build and paint. This superb BobCat XL is a prime example of good craftsmanship.

With only a few weeks remaining before Dustin has to ship his Sabre to Hungary for the World Jet Masters, he brought it to Winamac for the first flight. One or two clicks of elevator trim and he had it "in-the-groove".
The Flite-Metal base has since received the Skyblazers markings. Power is by a JetCat P-120. For sure this match will be a top contender.


Ben Burdin and friend Jim Brown enjoyed this hot flying converted Maverick. Powered with a RAM 500, Ben's conversion worked very well for many flights at Winamac.




Gary Jefferson added this Super Bandit to his fleet and was assisted on the first flight by BVM's ace test pilot Tom Dodgen. More markings and paint trim will now be added to the P-120 powered speedster.
Bandits were popular at the Heartland. This brilliant sample by Joey Tamez Senior and Junior was a crowd thriller. The "Super" was on its wingtip in knife edge flight below 10 ft on many 200mph passes.


The flame job is enhanced with a heavy smoke trail during Terry's very precise airshow routine. Shiela offers much encouragement and calls the maneuvers - a very successful team effort.

This JetCat powered, Flite-Metal finished, 60" AFS Sabre jet is the product of Bill Buchar, from Crest Hill, Illinois and he logged many flights on it at Winamac.
Rod Snyder will be flying a Thunderbird F-100D at the World Jet Masters in August, so he practices with his #2 camo version. The florescent orange trim on the under wing tanks is of great visual assistance, especially when approaching to land. Otherwise this model would blend into the agricultural tones of Indiana.
Larry Kramer has an F-100 under construction. We thought that by having him fly our factory model, it might speed the process up a bit. We'll see. Tommy Woods also got a ride on this one.
Pleased with his BobCat Composite after flying it in 2 jet events this season, Bob Belluomini from Cincinnati, Ohio is really polishing his flight skills.
There were 4 Phantoms at Winamac. These two belong to David Reid and Vernon Montgomery and were flown often. The other two belong to Andy Finizio (from Maryland) and the BVM Blue Angel.
Lee Reightler was joined by David & John Plaine and Tim Preston, all from Bel Air, Maryland to fly this KingCat and a 60" Sabre.
Maryland was also well represented by BVM Rep Tony Masiello and his family. The Sabre, KingCat and Andy's Phantom kept him busy in the rather warm (96°) sun.
In between flying his KingCat, Bob Covish (Austin, TX) set up shop to work on a customer's BobCat. Bob has assembled and painted a number of these popular jets.

Lockheed Shooting Stars come in the form of this F-80 or the two seater T-33 that BVM offers in very prefabbed kits. (See AFS kits). R/C Pete Harasiewicz from Ontario, Canada did a great job with this JetCat P-70 sample.

Pete's F-80 features the Fletcher tanks while the BVM demo model (P-60 powered) carries the Lockheed tanks.
These 72" span jets are easy to see (with tip tanks) and operate well from R/C club fields with either P-60 or P-70 power.


Tommy Woods is a very experienced Hornet pilot, so we were interested in his opinion of the Tamjets product. It was very positive. Here, Tom Dodgen who has dozens of flights on the BVM subject of the instruction manual, accomplishes the preflight prep and flight line advisory duties.


BVM Reps Justin Sands, David Reid and Ad Clark enjoy a light moment while preparing the Air Force logistics scheme F-100D.

Scott Harris (right) has his 80" Sabre ready for the World Jet Masters event to be held in August in Hungary.
The Metal-Kote II finish looks great and Scott's flying is up to the challenge. He logged several practice flights at Winamac.
The BVM trailer carried 9 of our JetCat powered factory demo models including the Tamjets Super Hornet.
Tom Dodgen and BV flew them all during the 4-day event and put them away without a scratch.