by Bob Violett

The extensive photo gallery that follows depicts the level of "jet enjoyment" that is always present at this event. The "Winamac Modelers" club field is like a bit of model jet heaven for enthusiasts who travel great distances to partake.
As is customary at this 12th annual event, BVM Jets dominated the field of entries.
BVM Reps, Tim Redelman (Host C.D.), John Redman, Bill Harris, David Reid and Rob Lynch were there to help our customers.
The new BVM Electra Jets and E-Sabre (both EVF powered) were flown multiple times in company with the turbines. They are seen by many as a logical step into the realm of high performance jet flying.


Photo Gallery
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One of the show highlights was the presence and flying of 4 BVM Phantoms. This is a serious piece of machinery for serious modelers/pilots.

From front to rear are Phantoms by Tim Redelman, David Reid, Patrick Frost (flown by John Redman) and Patrick's flown by Patrick. They are all JetCat powered and performed flawlessly at very high speed. The Chinese copy has a lot to measure up to. We'll see.


Here we have Patrick Frost and John Redman after a 2 plane formation sortie. The chute worked perfectly every time.



A close up of Patrick and his favorite model.



Ralf Braun's hanger got crowded at the end of the day. Here Bill Harris checks wing tip clearance of his gorgeous KingCat, now with wing tanks.



The duty demo Bandit ARF provides pilot link time at the jet events. This time it was Al Taylor's treat with Tom Dodgen assisting. A JetCat P-60 does all the work. Most observers are impressed with this combination.


Mother nature dealt us a rain day on Saturday. An under the tent seminar was hosted by Jeff Holsinger and Eric Meyers. The Horizon Spektrum radio was explained in great detail and it has changed our sport - for the better.


Kim and Scott Foster have a few BVM Jets in their arsenal. This attractive Bandit ARF is the latest and they exercised it frequently during the Winamac show.


This great looking KingCat is owned and operated by Dave Rigotti.
BobCats were also popular, this one presented by Robert Underwood.
This early BVM T-33 logged many very precision flights by Jim Hiller. Smooth pilot - smooth airplane.

The father/son team of Jerry Kerr first showed this Camo BobCat at Toledo '07. They flew it impressively at Winamac and it is surprisingly visible because of the contrast of dark and light.

The now popular Bandit ARF's are showing up in numbers at jet events. A flight of 3 was performed by 14 year old Rob Rich, Rob Lynch and Tom Dodgen.
Tim Redelman (our host and C.D.) mooched a ride off Greg Wright's AFS Sabre.

The most busy "stick" at the show was BVM Rep Rob Lynch from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His previous "Electric" experience really shined when he had the Electra with EVF 10S power totally nailed in just 2 flights. Energy management pays off in extended flight time and impressive maneuvers.

B.V. flew the #1 Electra on EVF 12S power many times. Taking only the plane and Spektrum transmitter to the flight line. It can challenge many turbine powered models in the performance arena.


Scott Harris gives the "thumbs up" for Bill Harris to take the active runway.


Ben Burdin's craftsmanship is always to be admired. This latest is a balsa Bandit with an aluminum finish. The "lighted" wing pods and details of realism are credits to his extra effort.




Jonathan and Jo Smith enjoyed the Winamac event so much that they travel annually from England and partake of our midwest summer.
This exquisite BobCat in AMT Netherlands colors was the focus of this year's journey. IT is a masterpiece of modeling craftsmanship.

See you all again in June '08!