June 20 - 27, 2010
by Bob Violett

   About an hour after the 1100 mile journey from Orlando, Florida the challenges of the road trip are forgotten.  That's because it takes about that long to get the social greetings accomplished and get our first jet airborne.  Our hosts, the perfect model jet field,  and the Midwestern summer weather allow almost endless dawn to dusk enjoyment of our sport.

16 BVM EVF's Worked Flawlessly

   Performance, reliability, and necessary flight times are our E-Jet design and manufacturing goals.  A combination of Sabres, Electras, e Bandits, and a Shooting Star all worked perfectly, not one power plant or battery issue occurred during 3 days of very active flying.  Some highlights of the show were Rob Lynch's radar recorded speed runs with a two way average of 206 mph backed up by a 203 mph two way run, BV's F-80 won the "Best Electric" award, a formation duo of Rob and BV with Sabre ARFs, and Mike Grady getting his first flights on a fabulously detailed Sabre ARF.

Photo Gallery
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   Mike Grady started with a BVM Sabre ARF Korean War scheme and then applied his knowledge of scale modeling and some interesting techniques along with ProMark products.  The results are impressive and worthy of a close-up look (click on photos to enlarge).  Mike's "Huff" is powered by an EVF 4010 using ThunderPower LiPo's and accomplished multiple flights at Winamac. 
   This Sabre represents Mike's return to scale modeling after a 20 year interruption in pursuit of his career.  We are looking forward to his next project.
   Jack Diaz traveled from Venezuela to Winamac, In. That help's explain the magic of this event and place.  Unlimited flying until 9:20 p.m. assures that great pilots like Jack get their fill.  Midwest in the summer time and a superb model airport add to the enticement.  Jack's F-100 and F-86 are trophy winning veterans at Top Gun and garnered the "Best Craftsmanship" award at Jets Over The Heartland.
   The EVF 2 12s powered E Bandit is a close match in performance to Jim Hiller's turbine powered T-33, so we did a duo act with them.
   Another BVM T-33 with P-70 power was flown many times by David Payne.  This Navy Reserve scheme is relatively easy to accomplish and looks great in the air.  Markings for all of these birds are available at: www.pro-mark.com.
   When people see the F-80 perform on EVF power, most are amazed.  This one was awarded the "Best Electric Jet" at Winamac.  The spectators enjoy the "tank drop" sequence, especially if the pilot lays them at show center.  Flight times with the new 7600 packs are 7+ minutes.
   This P-60 powered F-80 is the work of Larry DePas from Grandville, MI.  Dustin helped with the first trim flight and then Larry felt quite comfortable with it.  This scheme is very visible, and yes, the tanks do jettison.
   We gathered the Shooting Stars for this photo.  An new all composite version of the F-80 and T-33 should be available by year's end, EVF or turbine power, your choice, only a few internal parts change.
   Scott and Kim Foster have been enjoying this KingCat for several years.  Kim's recent refurbishing efforts have it looking and flying better than new.

   Skymaster F-16's were also popular at Winamac.  These two belong to Scott Harris and Martin Lefevre and garnered a lot of air time.  The BVM demo Minute Men Falcon was also kept busy.
   The Skymaster Hawk continues to impress fellow jet pilots.  When Dustin offers to share the stick, it often results in another sale.  It was David Payne's turn at Winamac,
   Jeff Anderson is a real BVM sport jet enthusiast, he owns this Vern Kramer painted Super Bandit, a Bandit ARF, a Kingcat, and just took delivery on an Ultra Bandit.  Thanks Jeff for your confidence in BVM products.
   Those long, cold Wisconsin winters allow some serious model work to get done.  This Bandit ARF found new life at the hands of Richard Buescher after UPS had their way with it.  Dustin assisted dad with the maiden flights at Winamac.
   500+ flights take some years to accomplish, a great pilot and a great BVM F-100D are also required.  Bob Bush keeps this model pristine and flies it with real zest!  The 1960's Thunderbirds would be proud.
   Bob Belluomini is an avid EVF flyer and helps BVM customers in the Ohio area and at events such as Winamac.
   This side of the taxi way was dominated by BVM  and Skymaster jets in front of our pavilion - all ready to launch on short notice.  'Just add fuel or batteries.
   Ultra Bandits are always the star of any turbine show.  David Ribbe is rightfully proud of his custom paint scheme and flight presentation.
   Kim and David Payne work together at Horizon Hobby and play together at events like Winamac.  Kim is working on her turbine wavier.
   John Stotz makes this A.F.S. Sabre on P-60 power look sharp.  The wing tanks contribute to its realism and visibility.  John also owns many other BVM jets.
   Jack Fetter from Miramar, Florida is a real E-Jet enthusiast and owns a number of BVM models.  This Camo Electra is a favorite of Jack's and it looked great against the Indiana summer sky.
   Everybody knows what a great pilot Rob Lynch is, but some may not fully appreciate what it takes to log 15 flights in a day.  Perhaps that explains Rob's expertise.  The Electra is powered by the EVF 2 12R and recorded 2 way average speed runs of 203mph and 206mph on successive flights using ThunderPower 45c 6500's.  The Fury is also a high performer on EVF 2 12s thrust.
   The "Jets Over The Heartland" C.D. this year was Jim Widner who got a ride on the BVM demo Bandit ARF.  Jim and Cheryl just couldn't do enough to make our visit more pleasant.
   A backseat ride in Ralf Braun's Air Cam light sport A/C was a thrill.  These photos show the Winamac Aero Modeler's club field and the adjacent Braun Industries facility.  Thank you Ralf.