Jets Over the Swamp '05
by Bob Violett

Thirty-two lucky pilots from Georgia, the Carolina's, and Florida enjoyed the use of a huge, perfectly smooth runway and wide open area at the Waycross, Georgia airport.
Once a year, CD Allen Smith and his fellow club members host the "Jets Over the Swamp" gathering and it is truly a "fly all you can" meeting.
The weather was perfect and the hospitality most gracious.


Photo Gallery

Ducted fans were popular at this event and the "Best D.F." award went to Francis Pischner for this vintage Aggressor II with Viojett/BVM .91 power.

Ad Clark Jr. is now an east coast Rep for BVM since the ARMY transferred him to Fort Bragg, NC. Ad is a very smooth, precision pilot who really enjoys this Hi-Viz Bandit.

Light pods by Paul Hopkins ( attach to wing pylons via BVM EZ-DROP's (BVM #2187). You can snap them on for that last "pre-dark" excursion.




This Rafale with single AMT AT-450 thrust is a super performer in the hands of Craig Gottschang. The wing tanks add presence and in-flight visibility plus help absorb some excess power.
Craig continues to add scale details to this Top Gun '05 winner of the sportsman division of the Pro-Am event.
Johnny Hernandez loves his Phantom and it shows when he flies it.
The BVM F-4 airframe and landing gear design structure are now about 15 years old, but are still proving themselves worthy of high performance.
The single turbine version like Johnny flies is definitely"high performance" that's why he likes it so much and puts on such crowd pleasing flights. Power is provided by a JetCat Titan.


Lee and Gordon Dickens shared flying this KingCat with JetCat power.

Mike Pascoe is a very active member of the "Georgia Jets" team and really knows how to paint as evidenced by this home brewed scheme on his KingCat.
This "oldie but goodie" BVM Maverick was flown by Rusty Bardin of Woodstock, GA with excellent results.
Mike Mills, with wife Heather and son Lincoln enjoyed a family outing at the Swamp meet.
The jet Mike brought to fly had mechanical problems but he logged a few flights on the BVM BobCat to complete the weekend.
Mike is a U.S. NAVY instructor pilot based in Pensacola, Florida - lucky guy!
This KingCat won another trophy at the Swamp meet. The product of Vern and Larry Kramer, this two year old model has accumulated a lot of hardware, and deservingly so.
The Tamjets Super Hornet in Tom Dodgen's hands is a smooth flyer. It looks good in the air too.
The F-18F is a very strong machine and impressive performer on the Titan engine. The undercarriage system is also proving its worth. Kits available now.
Gordon Dickens is mastering the BVM F-86F. Now with dozens of flights, this Boeing chase plane scheme is easy to look at.
Dee Miller is a very satisfied composite BobCat owner. It was working flawlessly at the Swamp Jets event using a early RAM 500 engine.
The Georgia Jets gang used a bit of Jet Juice during the 3-day event.