Jets Sobre San Luis.  Río Verde Mexico May 16-18, 2008

    Sunny skies and perfect weather were the rule in the Jets Sobre San Luis Event. Little bit windy, but fortunately always aligned with the 5000X 85 ft paved runway. Rio Verde was the host of the very first Jet event taking place in Mexico. With the organization held by our modeler friend Jacobo Villalobos and the incredible support of the modelers in Rio Verde, the event took place in a very well organized manner, with a good  climate and around 40 jet pilots coming from around a dozen states of Mexico. Pilots from Culiacan, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Veracruz, Mexico City, Monterrey, San Luis Potosí and Queretaro drove to Rio Verde, some with a 12+ hour drive to get there and have fun. We had the pleasure to receive a great USA pilot that actually is a BVM field Rep, the visit of Rob Lynch was for all of us an amazing experience. Rob made the trip with his Bandit packed inside a BVM Jet Case, the plane made the trip with no scratches and fortunately with no issues with TSA and customs in Mexico.
    BVM´s  product donation was used in a Raffle made on Saturday's dinner, many modelers left the dinner with a smile on their face, while holding a brand new BVM product (I was not that Lucky!!!). Thanks Patty for the support!!!
    This event was sponsored by the local government, a famous Mexican Actor (Alfredo Adame) and the funds were donated to a Local school called Helen Keller institute, that takes care of kids with special needs, so we had fun and help this small children at the same time.  
    We are looking forward for next year's event, hoping more pilots from Mexico and maybe from other countries can join us. Mexican Jet community is growing and such events really motivate new pilots to get into this breathtaking experience.
By Polo Ruiz


Polo & Mario


Polo Ruiz and Mario Martínez arriving to the event, getting everything ready for the first flights. The facilities provided by the event made all modelers comfortable and leaving us no excuses to get out and fly!!!
As in every jet event, the BVM presence is really strong. Here some of the BVM planes and their proud owners. From Left to Right: Rob Lynch, Polo Ruiz, Paul Uriarte, Javier Ulloa (Totis) and Ernesto Jimenez. All planes were in the sky more than once during the three day event.


Rob & Jacobo


Jacobo Villalobos, the event organizer, had very busy days making sure all pilots, their families and spectators had a great time. Of course he took some time off to be in this picture with Rob Lynch!! Definitely his face says it all.


Rob Lynch made a terrific job helping pilots with their planes and providing great flying advices. Here Rob is helping Polo Ruiz with his 2 year old Bobcat.
Rob Lynch making his traditional take-Off and getting inverted before retracting the gear. For sure the crowd went crazy with his maneuvers, that included high speed very, very low passes, knife edges and even a light hit to one of the trees!!! The plane just got a little scratch at the wing tip.


Bobcat on final approach, completing another successful mission. Fluorescent orange really gives a great view of the model even on cloudy days.


Rob Lynch really concentrated, here the runway can be appreciated very well, there was more than enough room to fly. The pit officers were really helpful and always taking care of our safety, this is a must in any jet event!!