Liberty Bell Jet Rally
Lebanon, PA

August 1-3, 2003

We missed attending the first event in '02, but after enjoying the '03 event so much, we will give future "Liberty Bells" a high priority in the schedule.
The essentials are all there; a small private airport with a big runway, wide open surrounding terrain, convenient access to many mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states and historical tourist attractions for the family.
Event director, Mike Lesher even arranged to have mild temperatures and the light wind directed down the runway. Every pilot had ample flying opportunities, I know that Tom Dodgen and I burned our share of fuel. Now to the photo gallery!

Bob Violett

Photo Gallery
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George McLean was representative of a strong New York jet pilot contingent. George is pleased with his Hi-Vis Bandit and does well representing BVM products in his area.


This very long lived Phantom is enjoyed by the Malchione family team, Dave, Dave Jr. and Pete. It is fast, smooth and very realistic in flight.


These attractive scale jets were parked along a roped off spectator line for them to view.


Tom Dodgen is a great first flight test pilot for new BVM models. Here, he prepares for the maiden flight on Sal Faraj's Super Bandit. The model was first inspected by Tom and BV, a few minor adjustments made and then the successful flight and smooth landing.
Tom also assisted first successes with Andy Finizio's BobCat and Jermaine Brown's Bandit.


Ron Stahl is a very active and helpful jet guy from Maryland, here with his RAM powered CAMO BobCat.


The KingCat was well received at Liberty Bell. We introduced a new style of jet flying similar to what you see with lighter loaded 3D models. The difference is that this big, but aerodynamically clean jet, can also streak by at 200mph on JetCat P-120 power.


Ducted fan jets are still popular at the Liberty Bell. Chris Trump was assisted by Marc Brady with this brilliant looking and flying Aggressor III. It was faster and more aerobatic than some turbine models present, and presented well by our friends from Montreal.


Elizabeth Bauer was on hand to coach dad Eric with his Bandit flying. Elizabeth was born 15 years ago, the same year that Eric started the now very successful hobby shop business, G.P. Aircraft in Crofton, Maryland.


Lots of activity under the Georgia Jets tent. Joe Rafalowski is preparing his Bandit for another super high performance flight on JetCat power.


70 pilots in attendance can make the trip from your pit area to the start up zone lengthy. Jorge Escalona has the solution with "Big Red".


My Super Bandit was flown with a JetCat P-160 turned down 5,000 rpm. It is still ballistic at that power setting and only for the most experienced builders and pilots to attempt.
Nothing can touch it - that's not a challenge, just fact. We are prohibited from racing these things anyway - and that is a good thing.


This georgeous F-100D in the Thunderbird scheme was built by Sam Leonard for the Malchione team. Dave Jr. uses the awesome power available from the JetCat P-160 to execute a very impressive flight routine.


One of the winners of the 2002 Sabre Jet builiding contest was Tony Masiello and his Skyblazer F-86. Tony flies it very well with some great landings.
Tony is now building a T-33 with the new Advanced Fabrication System similar to the 2002 Sabre kits.
We will show it here as soon as it is finished.


Your event director Mike Lesher with his Blue Angel Phantom is joined by Gus Hudson (Sulpher Springs, Texas) for a photo at the conclusion of this great event. Gus is recently back into jets with a soon-to-be finished BobCat.