by Bob Violett

Every successful event is the result of the dedication and special efforts of a few key people.
Mike and Cindy Lesher are the keys to this great Northeastern event in Lebanon, PA and all of the 86 registered pilots and hundreds of spectators are grateful.
An amiable agreement between the owners/operators of the Deck Airport and its users allowed the model jet pilots to enjoy the facility for 4 days.
Model flying ops were suspended between 12-1pm and 5-6pm to allow the light plane owners access to the runway.
This is an easy accommodation and a welcomed break for some of us.
Mike usually flys a KingCat but was too busy seeing to our needs and a "safe" operation to enjoy his model. Thank you Mike and Cindy from all who attended.


KingCats and BobCats are available in 4 different factory applied schemes and "vanilla" (plain white).
Here are a few examples of some "special efforts" that appeared at the Liberty Bell event.

Photo Gallery
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Jerry Caudle - Mr. ProMark used Dupont paints and his many years of experience painting models and bikes to create his latest "Mona".

Tom Puma from Rutland, Vermont brought this handsome eagle headed patriotic painted KingCat - very appropriate "nose art".
Lee Reightler occasionally lends his NASA scheme KingCat to David Plaine for some youthful exercise.



Marlin Bressler is practicing for his "Jet Waiver" with this KingCat and "Pilot Link" training with pilots like Tom Dodgen. Ron Stahl (in background) was assistant C.D. and helped to keep things running smoothly.

Robert Vess took a turn on our factory demo Jetcat P-60 powered BobCat Composite. He was impressed with the performance of this airframe/engine combination. Robert is an excellent "stick".

"Butch is Back"

Dr. Butch Rosser has been pursuing special technology and associated travel in his medical career for the last few years. He has been a jet pilot since the early D.F. days and is just now allowing time to get back into the hobby.
He liked the Tamjets Super Hornet / Titan package as flown by Tom Dodgen so much that he took a kit home with him.
Tom's Hornet, MiG, Sabre, BobCat and F-100 flying so impressed the awards committee that he justly received the "Best of Show" plaque awarded by the ZAP Gang.


Wojtek Iwanczyk is now a real BobCat Composite enthusiast. His first flights on this very attractively painted sample proved to all in attendance just how strong the design is.
Wojtek uses a JetCat speed limiter to keep this P-120 powered racer in check while his talented thumbs apply lots of "G's". Nice airbrush work!


Chris Trump and his daughter Rebecca took a minute to give us this photo opportunity. Some how, jet puppy "Peanut" got into the frame.
Chris's balsa Super Bandit represents excellent craftsmanship and paint design work.
The red/orange is an '04 Mustang color that really accents the NAVY scheme.
Look closely at the rudder, it is laminated with Carbon Cloth and a polished clear finish.



Dave and Pete (brothers) Malchione are BVM Reps in the Pennsylvania area and get to many eastern USA events.
Here Dave is shown with his 11 year old BVM Phantom that was kit #2 from our Florida factory. Originally powered with (2) Viojetts and BVM .91's, it is now pushed by a JetCat P-120 and has survived hundreds of flights.
Pete is rightfully proud of his KingCat.


Thanks to Jorge Escalona for the photo's.

Just at the end of the event, Dave Malchione and Tom Dodgen decided to try a formation flight with the F-100's.
BV called for the pair and the resulting flight was spectacular. Most thought that they had been practicing.
Anytime you can catch 2 jets in a single frame, they are pretty close.


Note the high AOA (angle of attack) that the Hun will sustain without a wing drop.

Next stop - the Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble.