by Bob Violett

Mike & Cindy Lesher

The trip odometer registered 1,075 miles (after a stop in Aberdeen, MD) when we arrived at the Deck Airport in Lebanon, PA. We value this opportunity to visit with our customers from the northeast so much that it makes every mile of this trek worthwhile.
We sincerely appreciate the efforts of Mike and Cindy Lesher who produce this event.
Tom Dodgen and I flew all nine of the BVM Jets that we carried with us.


Photo Gallery
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Chris Trump from Roxboro, Quebec, Canada attends the Liberty Bell event annually and builds and paints BVM Jets to perfection. His balsa Super Bandit and KingCat NAVY Hi-Viz schemes are real winners and certainly BV's favorites as well.

NOTE: There were about a dozen KingCat's at this event and there were numerous requests from pilots as to when these ARF's will be available again. Answer: Soon, the new tooling is almost completed.
Tom Puma's (from Middlebury, Vermont) American Eagle KingCat is truly artistic and brilliant in the sky.


paint by Leonard Smart


Mike Pascoe and James Moody kept this KingCat busy during the 3-day event that featured lots of sun and high 80° temps. Two days of a northern breeze (down the runway) kept us in the comfort zone.

A very impressive threesome flight was performed with these KingCat's by Andy Finizio, Tom Dodgen and the Malchione team.

Dave Jr, Lisa and Spotter pose with the Malchione's famous 11 year old 1,000+ flight Phantom.
This model is a real testimony to the design and durability of this time honored BVM scale jet, and, to the attention it gets from the Dave Malchione family.



This Sam Leonard built F-100 is now in its 3rd year of service with "Team Malchione".


BobCat's were also popular in PA. This selection features some paint schemes that deserve special attention. From top to bottom are - Adil Nasim with his Stoli Bobcat, Wojtek Iwancyzk with his Fire/Bio-mechanical BobCat and Alan Delena with his clean candy painted BobCat. All 3 BobCats were painted by Chip of U Fly Hobbies in New Jersey.


The 69" wingspan Bandit ARF next to the 85" span Ultra Bandit were flown multiple times daily.

The A.F.S. "T"-Bird in the Artic Scheme (with Metal-Kote II) is a favorite with many vintage spectators. It is also very easy to see in the bright sun and deep blue sky we were afforded.
The T-33's straight wings and "Fletcher" tip tanks are another part of the equation.
It's a good days work for 2 guys (Tom & B.V.) to field and fly this group of BVM demo jets. At this photo time there were 3 more still in the trailer. All are JetCat powered.