2007 Liberty Bell
By Bob Violett

Thanks to Joe Balabon for some great ACTION shots.


Dave and Pete Malchione have had this Sam Leonard built "Blue Impulse" D/F Sabre stored for many years. It has new life now with EVF power and logged several flights at Liberty Bell '07.




BV and Dave Flew a formation routine with the EVF 4012 powered Sabres.



Electra Jets

BV even dusted off a few turbine models with the high performance Electra.



Andy Finizio brought his Kingcat and his brand new Ultra Bandit to enjoy the event.


Patrick Holowesko traveled with dad Mark from Nassau Bahamas to fly his Bandit ARF. Tom Dodgen assists.


After a flight with the 80" Sabre, Patrick poses with his great uncle B.V.
Chris Trump is a great builder and pilot. This 3 year old Balsa Bandit shows it.



Mike Pasco's custom painted Kingcat is equipped with a JetCat smoke system. Mike's arial performance with this combo is inspiring.


Another georgous custom painted Kingcat is proudly presented by Don DeSandre from Putnam Valley, New York.


R/C Pete from Ontario, Canada attends a lot of northeast events and one of his favorite BVM Jets is this vintage Bobcat XL.


These Jets found shelter from the August sun under the BVM tent when this group of happy pilots took a break from flying them.


The most reliable model jet engine ever, a JetCat P-120 powers BV's original F-100D. It has flown many times at Mike Lesher organized events.



As one can imagine, trying to squeeze in a flight or two if you are the event director is difficult. Not wanting to waste another minute of Mike Lesher's time, the photographer caught him in action while starting his JetCat P-120 powered Blue Angle Kingcat. Don DeSandre is in assistance.

Mike's site selection and organizational planning payed off well for all of the pilots. That is why the BVM team looks forward to attending the Liberty Bell jet rally every August.