Good friends and great modelers, Eric Bauer and Ron Stahl showed off Eric's Classic Bandit.  This model has a lot of years and miles logged.
Andy Finizio loves his Ultra Bandit.  When he isn't fixing teeth, Andy can be found at the DCRC Field in Germantown, Maryland either flying or helping fellow club members.  The "Mid Atlantic" is an annual trek for fun flying with friends.
Robert Vess says, "Every jet guy should have a Kingcat, because it does the in-the-box aerobatics so well."  His Titan SE powered '07 version Kingcat can really turn the corners and go up hill.
Don DeSandre from Putnam Valley, N.Y. has several BVM jets and is really tuned into his latest, a Navy Hi-Viz Bandit ARF.
Here is another Kingcat that looks good in the hands of Nir Schweizer from Germantown, MD.
Chris True is a very experienced electric jet enthusiast.  He now campaigns this attractive film finished Electra Jet with EVF 5012 power using the new EVO/BVM 1264-3B matched cell batteries.

Chris has graciously shared his experience with the BVM team.

The pilot's choice award was bestowed upon Dustin Beuscher for his fabulous flying skills displayed with the Ultra Bandit.  Long, low, perfect knife edge fly-bys please the crowd and demonstrate one of the Ultra's finer attributes.

David Plaine traveled from his home base in BelAir, Maryland to help with logistics and exercise the company Bobcat.

Jack Smith applied the popular Blue Angel scheme to his Kingcat.  It looks great in the air!
Anthony Wiencek's "Flight Safety" Sabre is now 3 years old and going strong on a JetCat P-70.  The Metal-Kote finish is exemplarily.

This Sabre was built before the P-60 engine existed.  It would be the engine of choice now because of weight and fuel considerations.

Bob Fiorenze accompanied Dustin and BV on the 12 hour drive from Orlando, Florida.  Fio met his goal of logging a lot of air time on his EVF 5012 powered Electra.  See also BVM EVF Impression Points.



The Malchione's make the Mid Atlantic event a family affair and bring an arsenal of BVM Jets.  Countless successful flights were logged by the 3 pilots Dave, Pete, and Dave Jr. on the Ultra, F-4, and the EVF powered F-16, Sabre and Electra ARF.  Not a scratch on any of them at days end.

Pretty Lauren is married to Dave Junior.


Flight line puppy Peanut is popular at the BVM attended jet rallies.  She knows how to tip-toe around the models in the pits while collecting her required back and belly rubs.

Scooter stands guard at the trailer.