A New Beginning
Mississippi Afterburner 2004
May 21-23, 2004

The Hinds Community College Airport in Clinton, Mississippi proved to be a perfect venue for this traditional jet fly-in and the community wants us back for years to come.
Some profits from the event are pledged to a scholarship program.
Many thanks to Dennis Lott, Vernon Montgomery, David Reid for organizing and hosting this event.
We hope you enjoy this photo gallery of the BVM jets.

Bob Violett

KingCats showed up in numbers - here are some of them.
George Del Ray from Miami, Florida added some black trim to dress up his orange/blue factory painted KingCat. The first flights were successful.
Steven and Dawn Ellzey kept this brilliant KingCat with RAM 1000 power very active throughout the event.

The award winning "Kramer" KingCat is amply powered by the new AMT AT-400. Francis Pischner and Larry Kramer traveled from south Florida to enjoy the Mississippi sun. A stop at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Florida on the way home enhanced their trip.


Rick Yelverton's, yet to be painted KingCat got airborne. Scott Marr's saw lots of exercise.


Jorge Escalona's KingCat received this attractive scheme from the Kramer's paint shop.


Famous for his low level knife edge fly-bys, Phil Nuza's flaming Super Bandit with Pegasus power is extremely visible against any combination of clouds. It's the contrast! Sal Cefalu and Phil make a good team.

Joey Tamez now flies a Super Bandit identical to Scott Marr's, they even fly them in formation. The red and white scheme is simply brilliant against the scattered white clouds.

A Sabre Trio

Gordon Dickens, Dustin Buescher and Scott Harris put their BVM Sabres in the same piece of sky multiple times during the event. Gordon's and Dustin's use JetCat P-70 power while Scott's Sabre utilized an AMT AT-180 engine. (Great looking models - great flying.)
Anytime a newly finished F-100 shows up, you can bet that it is the center of the photo activity. This "Flite-Metal" covered example by Scott Marr also logged its first 4 flights at the event. It flies as good as it looks.
Aerospace engineer, Richard Lugg truly enjoyed his introduction to jet flying with this Bandit and some help from BVM Rep. Phil Nuza.
Dr. Tom Antlfinger enjoyed many flights on this JetCat powered Bandit.

The Duelling Phantoms

David Reid and Tim Redelman were a prime feature of the "Scale Hour" with these time honored Rhino's.
Dustin is now F-100 qualified after his first ride with the BVM prototype - now 4 years old and over 200 flights. It is powered by a JetCat P-120. The smoke is from another jet on its takeoff roll.
The perfect weather and flying site allowed a busy flight line from early morning to dusk.

BV calling for Dustin while he flies the BVM F-100D.
Thanks to Larry Hewitt for the photo.

This was the scene of the noon-time lineup,
as you can see, plenty of jets and spectators.
Thanks to Larry Hewitt for the photo.