The Jet Gazette, a newspaper format full of sponsor ads and introductory articles for the 7,000 plus spectators, marks the uniqueness of the Ohio Jet Scramble.
Terry and Shiela Nitsch and the "Scramble Committee" continue to build the exemplary reputation of this 11 year old event.
The Darby Dan Airport in suburban Columbus offers a perfect venue for jet pilots to enjoy their sport and it is not surprising that so many local people show up to see the jets in action. The "Jet Gazette" is a reflection of the promotional efforts of the committee and the TORKS R/C club.
Our sport would certainly benefit from more organized efforts such as the "Scramble".

Future jet pilots
David Plaine and Brian Cross from Bell Air, Maryland proved that flying an AMT Mercury powered BobCat is no big deal. A few laps each, using the JR Pilot Link system, gave these teenagers a taste of the future. Both have been flying R/C sport models for some time at the Harford County R/C model club field.
Thanks to Carl Reightler for giving these young men the opportunity to attend the "Scramble". Carl will be the first in his club to get into jets with a BobCat.

Ken and son with their Bandit
Ken Hartsfield and Ken Jr. enjoyed complete success with the first flights on their BVM .96/VIOFAN powered Bandit. The model was flawless in execution and Anthony Weincek assisted on the first flight to guarentee success.

Anthony and Keith ready to go
Anthony Weincek and Keith Horton have really perfected their art with these 3 superb ducted fan models. It is a pleasure to see such a neat and consistent operation.

Joe's sharp Bandit
Joe Rafalowski traveled from Lafayette, Georgia to attend the Scramble and show off his brilliant new RAM 750 powered Bandit. The Coverite Presto enhanced airshow scheme was very impressive in the sunny but hazy sky.
The color scheme is borrowed from a Skyblazer F-100C, circa 1960 - a good match to a Bandit planform. Joe found a convenient location for the U.A.T. - see photo below

Gordon and his Sabre
Gordon Dickens from Alpharetta, Georgia has hundreds of flights on his Jet-Cat P-80 powered BVM F-86F. This particular airframe was built by Sam Leonard and features the extended - 40 wing. Although converted prior to the availability of the BVM F-86 turbine conversion kit, Gordon has employed some of the reinforcements and suggestions.

Steve's MiG
This MiG by Steve Gabrys is a really nice model with some contest pedigree. Steve has a new MiG about ready to go.

Mitch and his Bandit
The "Weisco Bandit" is one of two that Mitch flew at the Scramble. This one is a composite Bandit with AMT Mercury power, the other is a balsa Bandit with a RAM 500. Both jets are meticulously detailed and finished.

AMT USA turbine engines are earning a great reputation for reliability and longevity. Jim Weigle's insistence on quality control and perfection is the reason why. AMT USA engines were very popular at the Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble 2001.

The Malchione's
The Malchione's - Dave, Dave Jr and Pete travel to a lot of events to fly their fleet of BVM jets. Their stuff is always in the air reflecting their experience and attention to detail.
It's not hard to tell how much they enjoy this sport.

Jack and his Rafale
The Ohio event has such a great reputation that Jack Diaz flew in from Venezuela to exercise his twin RAM 1000 powered Rafale. Operating the engines, even at reduced power, yields exceptional vertical performance. The Rafale airframe is a proven platform for the maximum allowable thrust systems in both the twin and single configurations.
The AMT Concord was on display in front of the huge Darby Dan hangar that houses many model jets at night.

The Bloomers
Pam and Dave Bloomer hail from Indianapolis, Indiana and attend many of the mid USA events. Dave's Aggressor III with BVM .91/Viojett power is a fine example of longevity and reliability of this ducted fan combination - literally hundreds of flights to its credit. Dave's Pegasus powered F-4 Phantom will appear next season.

New York Bandits
"New York Bandits" and their owners Glen Robertson and George McLean have a great time with their friends and jets - this time at the Ohio Jet Scramble.

Jeff Seymore with the Mamba
Jeff Seymore got assistance from a very shy Frank Noll in showing off the new SWB "Mamba" engine. It is a real quality effort in the small turbine class that will be available soon. BVM might be flying one at Superman '01.

Turbine Go-Cart!!!
Last year Jeff entertained us with a turbine powered motorcycle. This year he roared down the runway at 112 mph in this 100 plus pound thrusted go cart!

You will probably never see more beautifully finished jet models than these 3 Bandits presented here by Francis Pischner, Vern and Larry Kramer.
Not only are these models perfect in every detail outside and inside but they are constantly in the air pushing the 200mph limit with AMT USA Mercury power. A real class act.

The BVM factory team of BV and Tom Dodgen along with Scooter and Richtofen made the journey to Ohio and flew the following equipment:

RAM 500 powered BobCat, F-86 and F-80
AMT AT-180 (Mercury) powered BobCat
AMT AT-280 (Pegasus) powered F-100 and F-4 Phantom

We left a little early to check on Jerry Caudle at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center in Memphis, Tennessee. We are happy to report that he is doing fine and is home recouperating.