by Bob Violett

Our sincere thanks to Mike Mills and the Holley Flyers club for hosting this jet gathering at Holley Field.
This NAVY OLF (Out Lying Field) is available to the local modelers on weekends and is a jet pilot's dream come true.
We operated from the intersection of the North/South and East/West runways, sometimes taking off into the wind on one, and flying parallel to the other to avoid the glare of the sun.
The fall weather was perfect, allowing all participants to burn lots of Jet-A. Should you attend this event next year, allow some time to tour the Naval Air Museum that is a 45 minute drive from the field. The quality of the restorations reflects the skills and dedication of many retired NAVY personnel - some of them avid modelers as well.


Lt. Mike Mills USN introduces new, young, Naval officers to the realm of military flight in a T-34C Mentor. Following his 2 trainer hops per day, he finds time to enjoy jet modeling. This JetCat P-70 powered BobCat Composite is his current ride.
Mike Mills


Keith Sievers introduced Mike to jet modeling when he (Mike) was stationed in Jacksonville, Fl. Keith's camo KingCat is very nicely done and offers a different look while providing Keith with a very high flight-to-maintenance machine. Keith says, "Of course, it is JetCat powered."
Another young NAVY pilot was introduced to jet modeling with some "Pilot Link" time on the factory demo BobCat. Michael Conrad enjoyed a ride with Dustin Buescher assisting. Michael just recently earned his NAVY "Wings of Gold."


John Hall

Bob Covish

Texas was well represented by John Hall and his BobCat XL, Bob Covish and his KingCat and Joey Tamez with a Super Bandit.
If there was an award for low altitude, extended knife edge flight, Joey would be the champion.
This red top/white bottom "streak" sure looks good in Joey's hands.
BVM's Louisiana based representative, Phil Nuza, accomplished a very detailed Jolly Roger Phantom. It's hard to believe, but Phil rivals Joey for the "low altitude knife edge" pass with this scale beauty.
Phil builds a few models per year like this for customers.

Phil "da man" Nuza


Vernon Montgomery's recently finished F-100D looks and flys great. Power is a JetCat P-120 and Vernon is very happy with this combo. He says he has some more detail work to do on it before its next showing at Florida Jets.


Tom and Dustin flew the MiG-15 and F-86 together with a crowd pleasing routine. These BVM jets are the same scale, showing how small the real MiG was.




B.V. logged 5 more flights on the Ultra Bandit in its first public flying demonstration.
Production units will be available as "Titan Class" or Big Engine class airframes.
The vertical rolls reflect true axial rolling characteristics.
One observer noted that both soft and firm landings were totally bounce free. Strut springs and gear placement are the keys.

Former NAVY A-4 pilot (same vintage as B.V.) from the Vietnam era, is Rocky Kranz who lives very close to the Holley Field facility. Some "pilot link" time with Dustin on this factory BobCat convinced Rocky that model jets are in his future.

I was pleased to meet and discuss F-100's with Jack Handy, a 20 year U.S. Air Force veteran.
Jack flew F-100's, from 1957 to 1972 with many combat missions in Vietnam. He was impressed with the performance and fidelity to scale of our model.
Tom, Dustin & B.V. flew 9 BVM demo models at the event.
The balsa Super Bandit is a pure pleasure to fly. Dustin got most of the fun time on this one during the event.