The Sound of Freedom

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by Bob Violett

It just doesn't get any better than this - just ask anyone who participated. My guess is that there were probably 1,500 sorties flown by the 181 registered pilots during the 6-1/2 days of perfect weather. We lost a half a day (Friday) to rain. Some pilots like Torrey Ward and Jason Somes of the JetCat team flew more than 60 flights each, many pilots accomplished 25-30 during the seven day event.
All of this occurred with the loss of very few models, no fires and no threatening runway incidents. The plastic net barrier at the edge of the runway really works to trap wayward models. All of the pilots demonstrated extreme consideration for each other - evidence that our sport is maturing.
One very experienced, Jack Sparks, controlled the entire flight operations during periods when as many as eight models were in the air simultaneously.
The manufacturer's demonstration hour at 1p.m. on Saturday was a great opportunity for those in the business to show off their latest stuff.
I think that must would agree that the opening act was appropriate for the day.
Terry Nitsch flew a perfect flight choreographed to Ray Charles' America The Beautiful while despensing a lot of smoke against a perfectly clear blue sky. The AMT AT-450 engine in the georgeous red, white and blue Rafale B-O1 (built by Joe Grice) dubbed the "Sound of Freedom" is a most impressive piece of machinery.
Other BVM models flown in the half time show were two Bandits with JetCat power by Chris Huhn and I flew the new BVM F-100F two holer (2 seater) with AMT AT-450 power and a full load of ordinance. F-100F

The Awards

JCBVM usually does pretty well in this department and Superman '01 was no exception. We show up in force at these major events, after we do our homework and bring enough supplies to support our customer's efforts. Our fondest congratulations to the "Fongster" (Rich Fong) for capturing the "Best Craftsmanship" and the coveted "Best of Show" (by pilot ballot) awards with his BVM F-100D. Rich's RAM 1000 powered Hun featured a full array of markings by ProMark.

As you can see, Jerry Caudle is in fine shape, fully recovered from his cycle accident as he gets help from Payton for the two, very lucrative, raffle drawings.
One raffle featured a one karat diamond necklace for the ladies and a home shop metal lathe. The other featured a Turbine Jet Technology engine combined with a BVM BobCat XL.
JR sponsored a 10X radio for the pilot's drawing and many other sponsors like ZAP, Robart, AMT, Mini-Hobby, PCM Models, etc donated merchandise and trophies for the participating pilots.

Category Winner Model
Best of Show (pilots choice) Rich Fong BVM F-100D
Best Craftsmanship Rich Fong BVM F-100D
Best Sport Bill Harris BVM Bandit
Best Scale Bob Violett BVM F-100F
Best Twin Jack Diaz BVM Rafale

Special Recognition Awards
Award for: Recepient
Most Flights Jason Somes
Most Flights Torrey Ward
2nd Best Twin Tom Woods
L-1011 Greg Hahn
Hawker Hunter Jerry Keller
Fed Ex DC-10 Eddie Weeks
BVM BobCat Dan Johnson
BVM Bandit Vern Kramer
(3) F-18's Austin Gang
Flight Line Director Jack Sparks

A total of 5 BVM F-100's were at Superman '01.

Joe Grice's "Pretty Penny" is finished in aluminum tape while Rich Fong utilized "Presto". BV's single seat has aluminum base coat, clear coat and his "F" utilizes Metal-Kote. Kent Nogy's yet to be finished "D" made several sorties with RAM 1000 power.

The speed king!
Matt Carrol exercised his JETCAT P-120 powered Bandit dozens of times, never letting up on the speed and G's.

The Fongster
Rich Fong with his beautiful "Best Craftsmanship" and "Best of Show" F-100D. RAM 1000 powered.

Fongster on landing

Mitch Weiss logged many flights on his new AMT AT-180 powered BobCat. Clear canopy option will be available soon.

Tommy Wood
Tommy Woods with another beer commercial RAM 1000 powered Bandit, many high performance flights.

Cousins Dan Johnson and Kent Nogy always show up with beautifully crafted models - here a new balsa Bandit and a BobCat that won a special recognition award.

Frank Tiano
Your new AMA president (if we get out the vote), Frank Tiano flew a truly great looking BobCat. Frank used a SIMJET 1700 for power and is very pleased with the engine. Being active in the sport and present at events will keep Frank in touch with reality.

Bill Harris, known for his craftsmanship and paint work, did it again on this Bandit and won the "Best Sport Jet" trophy. Photo's can't really do it justice.

Brian helps Francis Pischner with a georgeous Bandit that got lots of air time at Superman '01.

Larry and Vern Kramer (special recognition award).

More F-100F photo's

Inflight with (2) Mk 82's, 2 Bullpups and 2 wing tanks. In flight photo's courtesy of Rich Fong.

The Sound

All of those jet engines roaring in the air and in the pits represent the level of technology and the freedom to apply it that citizens of the USA and our fellow jet modeler guests from around the world have achieved. The "Bastards" that threaten this freedom are getting their due.
Jet modelers will honor the heroism of our current and previous fighter pilots for years to come by duplicating the aircraft that deliver the "message".

Bob Violett

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