Top Gun 2008

The points handicap system for the '08 event, combined with very little crosswind, tilted the scales a bit towards the tail dragger models.  BVM Jets had to fight hard just to place, and so we did.

BVM always supports the Top Gun event, so we will just try harder next year.


Photo Gallery

Steve Unze traveled from San Anselmo, California to campaign his fabulous Phantom in Sundowner livery.  This is a very impressive model with perfect skin detailing.  Steve placed 7th in Expert.
JetCat P-120 power - JR radio.


Geraldo Diaz really shows the value of the BVM F-100.  The take-off and landing scores of 10 pts are almost automatic with this design.
JetCat Titan power - JR radio.


The senior Diaz (Jack) placed 3rd in Expert with his 80" F-86.  dropping the tanks in flight scored well and Jack's models always earn 95+ static scores.
JetCat P-120 - JR DSM


David Ribbe's MiG-15 has earned many scale awards including "Mr. Top Gun" 07.  This year the handicap system allowed 3rd place in Designer Scale.
JetCat P-70 power - JR DSM


This SkyBlazer Sabre placed 6th in Expert in the hands of Dustin Buescher.  The Flight Metal skin is properly riveted and scuffed for a very convincing replica.
JetCat P-120 - JR DSM


Another "Flight Metal" masterpiece is Justin Sands' MiG-15.  Besides placing 9th, Justin won a craftsmanship award for his effort.

Ron Engstrom and Mark Taylor traveled from California to assist Justin and provide lots of entertainment in the BVM tent

JetCat P-80 power - JR radio 


With some good advise and flight line couching by Kent Nogy, BV managed a 4th place in Expert.  This "Pretty Patty" Sabre is now retired having won a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and "Mr. Top Gun"06.

The finish is BVM Metal Kote II with ProMark Sabre rivets and artwork.

JetCat P-120 power - JR radio


The Top Gun runway is always busy during the event, so photo opportunities are slim.  It is only after the awards ceremony that a group shot like this is possible.  Some of the BVM Jet flyers had already headed home.


The noon time air show at Top Gun fills the bleachers with an appreciative audience.

BVM Jets provided an electric jet demo showing the State-Of-The-Art with EVO LiPo battery power and the Electric VioFan (EVF).

Team pilots Kent Nogy (F-80), Bob Fiorenzi (Fly Navy Electra) and Bob Violett with the 200+ mph Camo Electra.


Culminating show time is the "Captain Salami" routine featuring Dustin Buescher at the controls of the Ultra Bandit.

Frank Tiano portrays "Captain Salami" in the cockpit transmitting his impressions through "Top Gun Announcer" Sam Wright.
The crowd loves it.

After an impressive aerobatic display, the Ultra simulates a sound barrier breaking pass complete with a small pyrotechnic blast that brings the crowd to its feet.

The "Ultra" is JetCat P-180 powered and guided by the JR DSM 12 radio.