Triple Tree Jet Fly-Inn
The 1st Annual

November 21-22, 2003

The most beautiful grass field operation a modeler could hope for is located near Greenville, South Carolina. This superbly landscaped 450 acres is the result of a Herculean effort by owner, Pat Hartness and his dedicated staff of enthusiastic modelers.
Triple Tree is the site of the largest model gathering in the world. The Joe Nall event is held annually in the month of May and attracts 500 plus entries.
The Jet Invitational was an experiment to see if jets, Triple Tree and the mid November schedule would workout. It was a fantastic experience for the 22 pilots and many many spectators who attended.
Plans for next year's event are underway. The dates have been expanded for a 4-day event running October 21-24, 2004. A "chickenfeast" will be provided on Friday evening and BBQ on Saturday - all included in the landing fees.

Photo Gallery
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The Georgia Jets group were well represented by Craig Gottschang, James Moody, Joe Rafalowski, Gordon and Lee Dickens flying Bandits and F-4's.
The F-4's worked well on the grass field. Brown streaks in the grass show taxi paths of our jets. Triple Tree lawn experts say it will be back to green in 10 days. We were careful not to spill raw fuel.

The new Super balsa Bandit with P-70 power flew beautifully from the close cropped runway. Triple Tree lawn experts use reel type mowers set for a 7/16" cut. This Super balsa Bandit flies like a slightly fast pattern plane - super smooth!!!


Tony Masiello and B.V. were airborne simultaneously with the P-70 powered Sabres. B.V. was practicing dive bombing with the soon to be released BVM Bombs. Tony wants to add these to his Skyblazer later.


It has been at least 25 years since Eric and I flew formation. That was in Maryland at the DCRC field and I crashed. The KingCat offers a great new platform to enjoy this most challenging venture in R/C jets. Our flight together at Triple Tree peaked our interest in resuming a team effort. Now, if we can just get together for some practice.


David Reid, Eric Meyers and Vernon Montgomery had an impressive flight together with three very different colored KingCats.

Craig Gottschang's F-4 in chase plane scheme is beautiful on the ground and in the air. Many years of reliable operation from this Phantom.
The Gazebo is the primary structure near the flight line. It is used for the transmitter impound, paperwork and relaxed viewing.
The grass was great for the BVM hound dogs too. Scooter and Peanut romped over much the 400+ acres - time now for a nap.
Tom Dodgen and B.V. flew all of these, multiple times. The 70°-75° perfect weather allowed us to get a lot accomplished.
Event Director, Eric Meyers was joined by his wife Helaine for the first flight of a new KingCat (#2B paint scheme) prior to the official beginning of the event.