2nd Annual

October 22-24, 2004
by Bob Violett

A small event with big opportunities to fly.

Famous for hosting the Joe Nall event in the spring, the Pat Hartness group in Greenville, S.C. extends their welcome to jet flyers in the Fall.
About 2 dozen very experienced pilots enjoyed the operation from, what has to be, one of the nicest grassfield model facilities in the USA.
We were assured that the brown "Turbine Tracks" left on the lawn would be green again in a few weeks.
It must be true, because planning is underway for a 3rd annual event with a Pro-Am theme. Watch this site for info as it becomes available.

Photo Gallery
Thanks to Craig Gottschang for contributing some of these photos.
A flight of 5 KingCats launched together Saturday afternoon to really thrill the spectators.
Pilots are (left to right) Craig Gottschang, Eric Meyers, David Reid, Tom Dodgen and Tony Masiello - all guided with JR 10X radios.

A total of 15 KingCats were entered and flown at the event, the big jet of choice for many new and established pilots.
An impressive duo act was displayed by Tony Masiello and Tom Dodgen with identical JetCat P-120 KingCats.

Rod Snyder's "Spiderman" KingCat is racking up the flights.


David Reid duplicated his original KingCat. This time he mixed the camo paint for a bit more contrast. This is a very attractive scheme and David flies it very well, and often.


Andy Finizio traveled from Maryland with Tony Masiello. They arrived early and flew a lot. Andy say's he really likes his KingCat.


The first grassfield operation for the new 80" BVM Sabre was experienced at Triple Tree. It passed the test with flying colors.

The pit area at Triple Tree is now protected by an extensive white fence and schrubs.
Anthony Weincek's JetCat P-70 powered BVM Sabre is very attractive in this uncommon color scheme. It also flies very well from the grass runway.
BV gets help from Tyler Prowell for one of several F-100 flights. It is rumored that this is BV's favorite "show off" jet.
Robert Vess keeps his UAV piloting skills sharp with this KingCat.
Gordon Dickens' fleet at Triple Tree included this brilliant Super Bandit on JetCat power.
Tom Dodgen is waking up the worms with this low power 80mph pass.
Tim Redelman's "Phabulous Phantom" had to be the best scale presentation. The JetCat P-160 powered F-4 is a real hot performer - especially with Tim on the sticks.
"Flight of five" pilots concentrate on which one is their's.
Mike Altis of Atlanta with his first jet, a KingCat, and, he loves it.