Valencia Jet Blast
Valencia, Venezuela

by Jack Diaz

We held our first national jet meet on the weekend of July 20-21, the "Valencia Jet Blast". We had over 20 jet pilots from all over the country with 30 airplanes, 10 of which were turbine powered. The event was nothing short of a great success. We flew over 100 flights without a scratch. Safety, frienship, fun and pilot quality were the highlights of the event.

A view of the flight line.

Aldo Pacifico brought out his Ultra Viper with BVM .91/Viojett power.

Alessandro Rossi with his Maverick Pro.

Fernando Trabanco readies his Maverick for another sortie.

Franco Dalbon flew his "Minute Man" Sabre Jet.

Gabriel Tahan logged some time with his nicely finished turbine Bandit.

Bandit pilot Julio Pazos did a fine job with both the flying and finish work on his Bandit.

Marcos Mascia's with his turbine powered MiG-15.

These are some proud award winners along with Jack Diaz, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event!