by Bob Violett

A perfect, jet friendly, club field within 45 minutes of downtown Chicago, Illinois? Sounds too good to be true, but I am happy to report that this mecca for jet modelers is a reality.
Thanks to the efforts of the Fox Valley Aero Club and a few key leaders like Lee Patterson (deceased), Jeff Anderson, Bob Walker and the club worked with the St. Charles city officials to get the land and then committed to spending $200,000.00 for the necessary improvements. BVM helped a small part with the fund raising realizing it would be an investment in future jet sales.
The 800'x50' paved runway and expansive paved ramp (300'x40') and taxi ways are bordered on 3 sides by wide open agricultural fields allowing unrestricted overfly. Generous grass run-offs practically guarantee your jet's safety.

Tennis netting provided pit area protection.

8 portable steel blast deflectors protect the administrative operations that are sheltered by a 1950's style "Drive-In" canopy transplanted from Rex's restaurant in downtown St. Charles.
Spectators are protected by a chain link fence adorned with sponsor's banners. Bob Belluomini's BobCat Composite is displayed on the table.



Several BVM Jets were present at the inaugural event and dominated much of the airtime.
Photo Gallery
Jorge Escalona certainly seems pleased with his "Kramer" painted KingCat.

The JR team of David Ribbe, Chris Huhn and Mike Sienarecki shared stick time on an early BobCat.

Dick and Dustin Buescher enjoyed the weekend with a JetCat Titan powered KingCat. Dustin logged some flight time at this event and will be flying his BVM F-86 80 at the World Jet Masters in Hungary as part of the USA team in August.




Tim Redelman poses with his BobCat Composite, this model survived a bird strike a month earlier. It was necessary to replace the right wing panel.
Tim shared his experience gained from running the Winamac event to help Jeff make this one a success.
Look for a future article in Model Aviation on how your club could follow the successful efforts of the Fox Valley Aero Club in acquiring a model jet port.
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