The 4th annual World Jet Masters was held this past November in Pattaya Thailand. Over 20 different countries with 66 pilots participated in the recent event.

Thanks to Ian Richardson and Franz Walti for the photograph's.

Franz Walti won the open class with his Olympus powered Rafale B-O1. This great single or twin powered model is a BVM kit. Its record for winning the big meets is unmatched.

Ian Richardson did a superb job building and finishing this BVM F-100D and his team member John Tappin flew it to 2nd place, only a few points out of first. Ian used BVM's Metal-Kote and ProMark's stencils and transfers to complete this perfect AMT Pegasus powered example.

Alex Lau from Hong Kong flew this Mercury powered BVM F-80 to 3rd place in the open class. The model used to belong to Terry Nitsch and is now owned by Simon To. The open class at the WJM allows for the pilot to fly a model built by someone else.

Takashi Komuru from Japan flew his BVM F-100D to 21st place in the individual class. The tanks, pylons, and refueling probe are all available accessories.
The F-100's will be great competition models for many years because they fly every bit as good as they look.

Jong Foo Yin flew this BVM MiG-15 to 9th place in the open category.

David Gladwin participated with his BVM F-4 with Pegasus power and flew to 12th place in the individual class. (no photo available)

Great Planes - Great Photo.

Thanks to Ian Richardson for this photo series.