BVM Jets were well
represented at the '05 World Jet Masters

Photo credits - Ian Richardson

The USA team placed 4th overall. These 4 members - Rod Snyder (F-100D), Scott Harris (F-86F), David Ribbe (MiG-15) and Dustin Buescher (F-86F) chose BVM jets for the task.


Ian Richardson's very high scoring F-100D was expertly flown to 2nd place in the Open Class by Jon Tappin. They missed first by only 4 points in 3,000, that's pretty close. A gusty crosswind condition during there last flight cost at least that much.


When an event is drawn out over seven days to log just 3 competition flights, it can get to the "luck of the draw" for the weather conditions each competitor must fly in, and, those conditions certainly did vary at this event. By comparison, at Top Gun, 60+ pilots fly 4 rounds in just 2 days.

This line up of BVM Jets also includes Steve Elias' F-100F (2 seater). Steve did a very impressive "build and fly" to end up 6th in the Individual Class.