Event Report

The 7th annual World Jet Masters was held in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland from July 5-15, 2007. The USA team included 6 pilots, a team manager and many supporters.

There were over 30 countries and 100 pilots competing over the course of 10 days. The static judging coincided with practice flying and the actual competition flights were spread over the course of 7 days! Things were setup a bit different then we were used to in the States, with only 1 flight line and 1 aircraft in the air at a time along with a few breaks throughout the day, each day seemed extremely long. The flightline ran from 8am to 8pm daily and we lost 1 day to the weather. The weather was cold, mostly rainy (on and off throughout the day), with a few hours of beautiful sunshine.


Standings (Team USA & BVM customers)

Team USA - 3rd place (Country Score)
Individual Class
Open Class
8th place David Ribbe BVM MiG-15
1st place Jon Tappin / Ian Richardson BVM F-86
9th place Dustin Buescher BVM F-86
12th place Han Kleijn BVM F-100D
20th place Scott Harris BVM F-86
13th place Dewey Davenport F-18
21st place Rod Snyder L-39
Scott Harris finishes assembly of his F-86 and is getting ready for static judging.
David Ribbe preps his MiG-15 for static judging.

As you can see, the static judges are allowed full access to your model, including being able to touch it.

There were 2 sets of judges, 1 set judged only the outline and the other set judged the color, markings and craftsmanship.

Scott Harris learns how to properly install his new Spektrum radio system with assistance from David Ribbe and Dustin Buescher.



Dustin Buescher calls for David Ribbe during one of the three rounds of competition. David powers his MiG-15 with a JetCat P-70 and uses 2.4 Spektrum in his JR10X radio.


Each competition flight is timed, 10 minutes total from your 1st attempt at starting the model until your wheels stop rolling on landing. Sounds like plenty of time, and usually is, but everything must be working properly. The timer (Ben from the Dutch Jet Team) stands behind the caller and also monitors the zero line (white line on the runway) during take-off, landing and any maneuvers where you may get in too close.

David's MiG just after lift off.




Han Kleijn of the Netherlands entered his F-100D in the Open category and uses a JetCat P-160SE for power.

The entire Dutch Jet Team were all very helpful throughout the event by stepping in to help with the flightline work and technical assistance to other competitors that needed it.


A perfect attitude for touchdown.


Dustin Buescher flew his P-120 powered Skyblazer Sabre to 9th place this year. He played along with the rules and installed gyro's on the rudder, elevator and ailerons. Believe it or not, the WJM allows full use of gyro's! This was one of the lessons learned from the '05 event.

Dustin really grooves with his Sabre, and it was evident when looking at his flight scores.




Scott Harris campaigned his F-86 to a 20th place finish. After experiencing some interference problems on the 1st round, Scott switched to 2.4 Spektrum and flew rounds 2 and 3 without a glitch. His Sabre is powered by an AMT USA AT-280 and uses a JR10X radio.

Monica and David Ribbe enjoy the rare sunny day in Northern Ireland. David's MiG is a finely detailed scale model that is very competitive.

Rod Snyder and Dewey Davenport called for each other throughout the event.

The level of concentration is extremely high as every point counts and everything must work.