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This 5 year old BVM F-80 has panel enhancement using Jet-Metal over its original automotive aluminum paint.


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  Jet-Metal is extremely light.  It is hard to measure the weight gain after application. 
Expect a 2-3 oz gain on an 80" model.

  Jet-Metal is an easy to apply, spray-on paint that simulates real aircraft aluminum skin and is very durable. Jet-Metal is impervious to Jet A, Diesel fuel, Kerosene, Gasoline, * Glo fuel, and even dirty sunscreen greasy hands.  Jet-Metal can be safely cleaned with PrepSol (DuPont) or Acryli-Clean (PPG), Isopropyl alcohol and a glass cleaner like Windex.

  Of course, some model painting experience is required, but if you have used an air brush and follow the procedures outlined in the BVM "Jet-Metal" instructions, we think you will be very pleased with the results.

Of course, it works on "WarBirds" too!

  This Shooting Star was originally painted with BVM Aluminum, an in-house mix of PPG Concept Paint.  Certain panels (with green dots) have been enhanced with BVM "Jet-Metal" applied over the aluminum paint for a more authentic and convincing scale appearance.

This model won 3rd place in Masters Class at Top Gun 2014.

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Surface Preparation

For best results, apply over black paint or a dark gray primer like Klass Kote.




Small Panel Enhancement Kit
use for practice and small panels

Includes: 4oz Jet-Metal, 4oz Thinner, 1oz Brilliance Enhancer,
1oz Hardener, and abrasives

BVM # PA-SR-1985 PRICE $139.95

Large Panel Kit
will finish one half of an 80" model

Includes: 16oz Jet-Metal, 8oz Thinner, 4oz Brilliance Enhancer,
2oz Hardener, and abrasives

BVM # PA-SR-1980 PRICE $395.00


All components available separately from BVM
(list of components and prices under construction)

6 page Jet-Metal illustrated Instruction Manual explains every process and technique for great results.


Note:  Government regulations are the primary reason that most paint products are expensive.


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