Aeropoxy & QTPlus Announcement

Recent supply challenges with empty 50ML 1:1 Cartridges


BVM now offers the
Aeropoxy and QTPlus in a 75ML size.


Same formula, same strength, just a larger cartridge.

These 75ML glue cartridges will fit your existing Glue Gun! 

NOTE: You will need to update to the longer Plunger. Your existing Plunger will work to a certain point. To access a entire cartridge you will need a longer Plunger.

The 50ML Glue Cartridges are available intermittently and with limited quantities.


pt # Desc. Price
# PA-SR-0149 Aeropoxy 75ML Glue Cartridge $26.99


# PA-SR-0150 QT Plus 75ML Glue Cartridge $19.99


# PS-AA-0118 2:1 Plunger 75ML $7.95





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