Central Control Unit (CCU)

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The "

" CCU is now available separately!

Upgrade your system with the CCU and Multi Function Valve Blocks.

The CCU monitors, controls, and displays functions within your airframe.

Control Features:
  • High Voltage Compatible (8.4 Volts)
  • Landing Gear
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Landing Gear Failsafe, on the ground (in case LG Switch is backwards)
  • Landing Gear Altitude Trigger
  • Manual Gear Retracting Operation - No TX needed (depending on RX)
  • Air Pressure Loss Failsafe
  • Gear Door Sequencer - 3 Types
  • System Voltage Display
  • Large Air Pressure Display
  • Automatic Light Controller
  • Two Stage Brake Control
  • Steering Servo Shutoff Command
  • Centers Steering on Takeoff with Gear Up Command
  • Anti Wheel Spin on Gear Up Command
  • S-BUS compatible for Futaba users


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# PA-SR-0127 Central Control Unit (CCU) $349.00


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Multi Function Valve Blocks

To be used in conjunction with the CCU.

Each Valve controls an action. Example: Gear Up One Valve, Gear Down One Valve.

Valve Blocks are available up to 9 functions and can be operated electronically or manually. They will also support Spring Assisted Cylinders. Primary use is for, but not limited to, Doors, Gear, Brakes, Speed Brakes, and Canopy.

All Valve Blocks will come with 2MM and 3MM fittings for airline.

# PA-SR-0128 Multi Function 3-Way Block Valve $179.00

# PA-SR-0129 Multi Function 5-Way Block Valve $299.00

# PA-SR-0130 Multi Function 7-Way Block Valve $419.00

# PA-SR-0131 Multi Function 9-Way Block Valve $539.00





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