Jet Foam
by BVM

   Jet Foam is actually a fairly common packing foam that has some very good qualities for use in our jet model airplanes. It is very light weight, just the right flexibility to insert into tight places, yet rigid enough to hold batteries and fuel cells in place.  Jet Foam can be cut and shaped with simple modeling tools, and is impervious to jet fuel.  It's porous cellular structure allows enough air passage, allowing battery heat to dissipate.
  The tools and techniques shown below will allow you to quickly fabricate: fuel cell and battery holding fixtures, supports, wedges, and control surface gust locks.  Once you start using Jet Foam, we are sure you'll find additional applications. Modelers are innovative by nature.

How To Cut And Shape Jet Foam


First, sketch the desired shape and make a poster card pattern.

You can use a red or silver ink marking pen to trace the desired outline on the Jet Foam block before cutting.

Jet Foam is best cut to shape with a band saw and/or the "Flush-Cut" saw or a 3" long sharp knife. Pockets to hold batteries are made with a Perma-Grit #RF-3C Rotary Cutter (available at BVM) set in the Dremel tool at the desired depth.

Some battery holders may need to be attached to the fuse bottom or sides.  This is best accomplished with Zap-RT (Rubber Toughened) C.A. (available at BVM).

Shown below are samples of fuel cell and battery holders that are used in the BVM Ultra Bandit
and E Bandit.

Note: As we apply Jet Foam to BVM models, we will supply exact size drawings in the instruction packages.

For a limited time, "Pacer Technology" is offering a "FREE" tube of ZAP R.T. to go with each package of Jet Foam.

BVM supplies Jet Foam in 2" X 8" X 9" blocks (2 per set).  We have found that two pieces this size are sufficient to equip two models. Of course, Jet Foam will work with powered propeller models.

Jet Foam

BVM # PA-SR-0071

Price $23.95


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