Xicoy / BVM E-Gear Retro Fit Package

BVM is proud to announce that the Xicoy landing gear controller is now available as a retro fit package to your already in service BVM electric landing gear.  The BVM instruction manual guides you through the steps to convert your existing electric motor actuators.


pt#   Desc. Price
PA-SR-0074 Xicoy Retro Fit Package
with System Analyzer

PA-SR-0073 Xicoy Retro Fit Package
without System Analyzer

PS-EE-0100 System Analyzer $79.95



The Down and Locked “Gear Driver” will work with retracts that are converted to work with the Xicoy Controller. The Down and Locked to Xicoy Adaptor
(BVM #PA-SR-0076) must be used. The Down and Locked Gear Driver and Adaptor is available as shown in photo (BVM #PA-SR-0075).

PA-SR-0075 $58.95



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