uel 1200W Power Supply


BVM # E1000-58

Looking to upgrade your power supply?  Here is the latest.

  The eFUEL converts standard household power 100-120V AC to 15-24V DC power and can supply up to 60 amperes of continuous power. BVM has been using this power supply for the last couple of months.  Performance has met expectations and the convenient controls and operation are appreciated.  If you operate multiple chargers, at a glance you can see how much you are loading the power supply, no more overload situations. Use Banana Plugs to connect to the main terminal or use the BVM EC5 "Y" to connect 2 chargers.

Example: Maximum Current = 1200W divide by output voltage. ( eg. DC20V output, maximum current = 1200W / 20V = 60A; DC24V output, maximum current = 1200W / 24V = 50A.)



* One main DC power output, up to 60 amperes. Plus three 10 Amp output channels with ON/OFF switches.
* Output voltage adjustable 15-24V
* Large LCD indicates voltage and current amperes output
* Smart cooling fan
* Over temperature protection
* Over loading protection
* Short circuit protection

eFUEL 1200W Instruction Manual.pdf




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