Finishing a BVM Engine Bypass

Prior to finishing the Carbon Fiber Bypass system, it should be mounted in the model, engine installed, cutouts made in the cover, tailpipe mounted and the Heat Shield applied per plans. Some installations require a F/G extension to be glued to the front of the bypass duct.

  • Sand the outside surfaces with #180 grit sandpaper, then thoroughly apply Pin Hole Filler (BVM #1925) and allow it dry to a white haze.
  • Use a 3M #7447 red scuff pad to remove excess Pin Hole Filler.
  • Mount the parts to wood sticks with a few drops of ZAP-A-GAP. Apply masking tape to the flanges and spray on a thin coat of PPG K-36 Prima.
  • Quick dry with a heat gun and apply Pin Hole Filler to any areas that were missed in first application. Clean dried material off with scuff pad.
  • Spray on a 2nd medium coat of K-36 and allow to cure.
  • Wet sand with #320 or #400 then spray on 2 coats of PPG Concept in the color of your choice. The P-70 bypass, cover and extension shown here are painted aluminum.
  • Apply Pro-Mark graphics as desired and then a coat of PPG 2021 clear.
  • Velcro straps are held to bypass duct with (2 each) small button head screws.

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